Walls and keeps need to be nerfed HARD

That is true in the imperial age, but the idea is not to extend the games to more than 35 minutes

so then, just cut imperial you suggest, doesn’t make much sense, game shouldn’t be turned into wild west just cuz you reached imperial, having imperial vs castle, thats a different case, but imperial vs imperial should be roughly equal footing in attack vs defense

why don’t you just use a siege tower and just ignore the wall?

If the rival does not make a door or a stone tower you cannot go down the wall, nobody makes doors in stone walls and stone towers are prohibited in tournaments

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I actually disagree with this. I think attack should beat defense in the late game.

Games should have something to help accelerate them to ending as they go on.

Although I don’t really think that keeps and walls need nerfed.

The fact that stone towers are still banned in tournaments is an egregious issue that needs to be addressed, likewise with stone walls in feudal. IMO stone walls SHOULD remain in feudal, however should have a fraction of the HP.

Next siege towers need a design change. First they should build in 120s. Next they should work like ladder that attachs to the enemy wall and allow melee to instantly scale up and down BOTH sides. For animation purposes when the siege tower latches open and attaches to a wall, a long rope will then he draped along the opposite site to facilitate infantry going up and down.

Next enemies canNOT use your siege tower, this will punish those that stone wall with no gate, as you can keep your range on the wall and melee flood into their base.

Pros to this new seige tower:

1.Allows infantry quicker access into enemy base than rams. And down the wall if there is no gate.

  1. Siege tower instantly becomes functional in a way it has never been.

  2. This siege tower is still extremely slow moving and takes 2min to build so its less likely to be abused.

  3. Lastly siege tower needs a cost increase of 300w .

Now keeps??? Other than china that additional build time has been felt and several several several times have we seen tournament keeps denied merely for taking just a lil too long to build.

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There’s was a real danger with securing objectives like wonders or ss with stone defenses and waiting things out but that feels like its mostly passes with the relative scarcity of stone nowadays.

The lack of infinitely repairing keeps and rivers of stone walls does mean you need less siege and have bigger armies for a harder punch, or so I felt.

That being said, I wouldn’t mind if there were some less strategic but more tactical applications to defensive structures

What about to make walls more expensive?

Or change the stone economy - to achieve avoid “the rivers of stone walls”

They increased with last patch the cost of stone wall by 33%.
Stone can’t be gained anymore by trade like Abba or french did.
Time ago there was a big nerf on stone deposit amount

guys solution to this making siege units cheaper or adding a different,cheaper ram without any arrow defense to only get down walls

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I do not think so , Walls and keeps are supposed to be “strong” , if we nerf them, or buff siege weapons, they will became useless

The problem is “rivers of walls” , as mentioned in other post,

If walls cost more stone, it would be harder to build it


Right I’ve got to say, If your problem in this game is stone walls then you are clearly a low elo player, if someone puts a stone wall up infront of me then i put a blacksmith down (if ones not already built) i research seige engineering and i build 2 rams, there we go, that walls about to get broken, he can pull vills to the wall, great hes now spending stone that he needs eventually he will either run out of stone to repair or have to mine more outside his base.

getting though walls is not a problem, if i know someones invested into stone walls then A. hes spent his vills time gathering stone and not resources to make an army or eco and B. hes spent the time for all these vills to build the walls which is also in my benefit.

if you see a wall make 2 rams and hit it, 8 vills cant out repair 2 rams worth of damage its also 8 vills more or less idle, stop complaining about walls and break them, very simple.


Luckly I never build them because I dont know when I should start collecting stone

bro your enemy will be able to do counter sieges easier too

But remember that PUP is susceptible to changes

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The nerf to stone wall doesn’t change much, to destroy them you need siege, so it will just decrease the time you need for destroy it, but not more than 5 secnds using a few rams or a few bombards.

I actually think that pallisades are in a good spot, they provide a good defense vs raids, mostl from horses, so nerfing them would probably buff some aggressive civs like french or english while nerfing some others like abbasid or chinese. We will see how this affect the meta.

Last, the change to rus pallisade seems more like a buff to me. You lose 500 hp from 3000 (the 16.6% of hp) but decrease building time to 3 seconds.

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If the game still benefits or does not run much risk of producing so many villagers, I propose to imitate how the stone walls of aoe2 are updated

Feudal Age and Castle Age - 1950 HP (65% of 3000)

Imperial Age 3000 hp (+35% of 3000)

Siege dps is low


Thus, for paying the cost, those who reach imperial age with walls stronger than the age of castles are rewarded.