I myself would like to see walls that go over trading routes or a gate that goes over it, with a map like the arena next to it. what would you like to see about walls?


I agree that you should be able to wall over trade routes. It’s really annoying in treaty when you have to try and wall beside the trade route and your opponent just ignores any army and runs their cavalry up the route


No. Just no. That would be OP beyond reasoning.

Would it be all that OP? Think if a gate is required, and as such, 50 wood has to be spent to do it then that’d at least balance it in supremacy.

If it’s still OP, then a special gate could be required that costs even more wood. balance is as easy as adjusting the cost in many cases.

It is OP because it makes trade posts way too easy to hold. They are supposed to be difficult to hold. Because they grant advantages.


I see what you mean. Then people would just wall around trade posts like crazy and do trade monopolies


Yes. Trade monopoly is one aspect. But there’s also the fact that walls still give you plenty of time to react to someone trying to snipe your TP. The wall thing over TP makes sense in the campaign but not in the pvp environment.

Well to counter the TM argument, you pretty much need to control half the map anyway, and you can wall around the trade line yet people don’t really do that, nor do people build too many layers of walls around the native TPs when they try to do TM. plus usually TM is broken with mortar or cannons and the walls won’t protect TPs from those.

This is a good argument, but I’m not convinced that the extra wood spent on walls would be worthwhile for people in Supremacy. Assuming a gate is required, it would cost at least 120 wood to build a square wall with no posts around a TP. 320 wood TPs don’t sound terribly OP to me.

Gates on trade lines would make sense, but it needs some drawbacks to prevent easily fortifying a trading post and a way to put down gates without putting down a wall first.

A “toll gate” socket that walls could connect to could be an option. It could be semi-neutral, and let anyone through at moments where a trader is coming through.

Another option would be for trade lines to act like “cracked terrain” from AoE2 and make gates built on them easier to destroy.

That ROI is huge, because you can defend your trade posts much better. Gates over trade routes should never happen.

Why not, in treathy is walling with trade route a lot of work and time costing.

please NO.

if you are playing a trouble map in TR start in nomad.

I don’t see the problem for very late game stages like the imperial age.

Also the monopoly is not a problem because you have 5 minutes to stop it, and the siege has a lot of range, also the native TP can also lock up and declare a monopoly in the same way.

@RockingCube36 I’ve already talked about it and most agree that gate over route should be possible at least in NR mode.[Poll] Would you like to be able to build doors on the trade route after the imperial era in the standard game, or at least in the treaty mode?