Warchief civs buff

Buff warchief civs. They need something to deal with europeans in late game.
Also every civ should have acces to priest for dancing, or something similar
Vills are just to costly to put them into the firepit.
25 vills in the firepit gives u even more a bad eco…
I think they need a buff overall

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Aztec does fine if they take the farming age-up in IV or V. Lakota can hunt for the entire match. Inca has a ton of trickles.

But for the Haudenosaunee, I agree. They need something more for their late-game economy. Maybe they could use another wood chopping upgrade since they need it to build cav and tomohawks.

As for the community plaza, it’s not supposed to be free. If you’re good, you can switch your vills onto a farm or estate between fights to avoid wasting time, but ultimately, the attack boost will, and should, result in fewer available resources.

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That sounds good on paper but in reality it is just not working well. 1 wood upgrade won t u win the game, switching vills nonstop sounds easy, but on pro level its just to costly
On a high level its just not possible at some points to win. Atzek has the most potencial for late game in my opinion.

I play a lot of ranked 1v1 on around 500 rank and i see barly people using native civs,… atztec and inca a bit more than the others…
I played around 100 games and no joke i played 2 times against lakota and 2 times against irokese…
How often u see japan,russia,germans,sweden…

They need to do something😶

I play 1v1’s rank 200-300 and there’s a lot of lakota, lots of inca, 0 aztec, 0 haudenosaunee. No one plays Aztec b/c their age1 play is so bad, and Haude b/c they’re just a european civ that gets cannons late and fewer market upgrades.

IMO, fix aztec age 1, and give haude an amalgamation equivalent, and we’ll have some better balance (setting end-game economies aside). Lakota still has a bunch of un-winnable matchups, but that’s a different issue.

For late game economies, having no factories is the thing that really sets them back. there could be an industrial age ceremony for haude and lakota that increases gather rate of other villagers maybe?
Could scale up to 49%, which means 74 vills would collect like 110 vills.

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I think Iro need a way to have access to wood lategame like Inca have the dance but more of a factory or a trickle or the ability for longhouses to have a trickle of wood with a age 4 tech.

Aztec need some mad balance.

If you play unranked team game, it seems this game only has Japan, Sweden, Inca, Dutch.

I started getting tired of this situation…

I wish I could help them redesign the Lakota. I am Lakota, and I feel like I’m probably the only Lakota native on this forum, and I’d love to help give them ideas on how to redesign the civ from the ground up to make it better and more accurate.

And I’m sure I could help with the Haudenosaunee, even if I am not myself. There’s a lot of history from the eastern seaboard that could be utilized for the Haudenosaunee.

Im lakota player with hc 80, i never touched a other civ than lakota.
It just u feel like at some skill level its gg for lakota and native overall.

U cant win against sweden at high level with lakota, its impossible.
Raiding does nothing, torps everywhere… u cant even kill them as fastthe rebuild them

Btw… sweden op, just a game breaker

Not only Sweden, facing Inca, Japan, also the same.

The house can generate resource destroyed the game.

I think they should allow aztec and Haudenausonee to ship unlimited 1 or 2 mango groves age IV to give them access to wood late game, especially considering they both need wood to produce melee cav, aztec needs wood for skirm, and Haudenausonee needs it for musk.
It would be a super easy fix and wouldn’t upset balance at all just put them on a level playing field.


Yeah or some kind of wood factory. I like this idea @GoldBand4588285!

They need something better.
People want to win so they don t use native civs.
Dev should make them more attractive.
Civs that only have a samll space to win a game is stupid, they all should have a chance to win at every part in the game… they can t even win on land … and on water