Way to Create Water Trade Routes?

So a few of the African maps from the new DLC have water trade routes with ships and trading sites along the coast. Does anyone know how to make these kinds of trading routes on the scenario editor? Thanks for any help!


In scenario editor, it’s not possible, but you can:

2/ use for example Horn map as the basis of your new scenario and then edit it.

1/ modify any custom map (fe. Caribbean) by changing the trade route type like this:

bool placedTradeRoute = rmBuildTradeRoute(tradeRouteID, "water_trail");

water_trail is the name of the water trade route type with carracks. But then you need some tutorial how to create custom maps. It’s editable just in the .XS file. The code is not difficult, but it’s a bit of programming…


I tried to edit the water trade route on the Horn map (add points) but the slightest modification turns it into a land route ^^’

The solution would be:
-Create a custom map, or find an existing map which looks like the desired scenario
-Change the bool placedTradeRoute line in the .XS file
-Open this map in the editor
-Work on this map in the editor (but don’t touch the water trade route)

It seems laborious…

I hope the developers will add an option to convert a land trade route into a water trade route. There are so much possibilities of maritime scenarios to do !


I wanted to present a proposal to make the map of the Amazon have maritime trade routes, but I see that they still do not implement this function in the editor. Could you do it soon?

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I’m desperately trying to create a water route in the editor (yes I still have some hope…).

I tried using the “Override map-specific tech” option in the “Map Types” window and putting “euroNavalTradeRoute”. It changes the visual of the trading posts but not the route…

I tried using the “Trade Route Apply tech” trigger with, for example, the “DETradeRouteUpgradeWater1” or “DENavalTradeRouteEuropeanRename” tech. But the route passes only at level 2 and receives a stagecoach…

My current mood:


Im tryng too to make an water trade route but thats hard…