Way to increase blast damage resistance?

I wanted to create a Swiss civ inspired by this video

I’d like to increase blast damage resistance for units (as seen for the first UT in the video) but i have absolutely no idea on how to make it. Slavs, Poles, Britons, Byzantines and ofc siege units can make blast damage. There’s a “Blast damage defense” attribute in AGE but i don’t think that it works in this way.

I’ve seen there might be a way to create it in the scenario editor, is it possible on AGE? Any idea?


Well, many searched that “Blast Resistance” and never found it. However i found a way how to adjust taken damages by single units or groups. For example i made a attack class that included the Mangonel-line and Bombard Cannons only. How i did it in Genie Editor: Go to the Mangonel, Onager, Siege Onager and all units you also like to be affected and add a new attack class under the existing ones. In that case i used Type 40, which is unused. The value of it i put to -10 (negative value). The same you do for the units that shall get affected, like the Pike-Line, just you add it at Armors. With that you create a new attack and Armor class that dont deal any damage right now. For the civ you want to get additional Armor for that class you add and effect, that gives the units additional Armor for that class. For example you want, that the Pike-Line receive less damage from Mangonels, than you need to add Armor for that units for the Class 40 as shown from my example. I added +10 Armor for Class 40 for that infantry units, so the Mangonel and Bombard Cannons damage was reduced by 25% (the value i wanted). So that the Onager and Siege Onager deal also 25% less damage i added more to the same effect:
For the ENEMIES Onager i lowered the attack value for class 40 about 2. So from -10 to -12 effectivly.
For the ENEMIES Siege Onager i lowered the attack value for class 40 about 9.
This 2 tabs i just told you, that shall affect the enemies Onagers, for this 2 you need to set the Command Type from 4 to 24. Than this Tabs will only affect your enemies Onagers. You create a new Tech where you pack in this Effect i described. I recommend to use a lower negative value than 10, than i did, like -20 and adjust the numbers. I tested it many times in Scenario Editor and matches, that the effects work correctly. I used this for one of my civs in my mod. For my Swiss i didnt used it bcs. it isnt fitting for their Formations: Gewalthaufen.
If you got more questions let me know.
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