We need a lot more civilisations!

the title is self-explanatory


that’s for sure that’s why patches and improvements in hotkeys take a long time

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People need to be patient, it takes time to create an entire new civilization and balance it well or else you will be here the next day and complain how poor of a job they did with X new civ.

We all want that, but I rather it take a bit longer time and when we get one it’s polished well. Also, to be fair its not that long ago since we got 2 new free civilzations.

I’d like to see a new roadmap though from them, so hopefully we are getting one soon.


btw didn t play for a while because collage they improved graphic so much e g mehmed imperial armory now looks good nad graphic are not blury so i understend with new AOM on way it takes time

but i hope it will camo soon :grinning:

I wouldn’t say the game needs more civs for the sake of having more civs, but there are certain civs I personally take for granted in a Middle Age game that are not present. For example, the Norse and Japanese. Not having Vikings and Samurai makes the game feel lacking. The Viking raids ran around 790 - 1066 and the English in this game are presented between 850 - 1555 so there is plenty of room to put viking Berserkers in Dark and Feudal age without even having to stretch things. Also, AOE games have a tradition of including American civs, Aztecs, Incas, Mayans. Also there is no representation in South East Asia and that Greek civ everyone and there mom is asking for.


From what little I know, the Vikings were left as mercenary servants to the Byzantine Empire.

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I want to see the Japanese & the Vikings added to this game, but firstly I want to see them adding the Greeks to this game (Byzantine empire) and then I’m happy :slight_smile:

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People saying be patient like they haven’t added just two civs in what is approaching two years.

They have massively improved the game from its released state but it could seriously use some more content.

and here come the people to tell me ‘akshully I’ve only mastered 2 civs in that time, if anything there are too many civs! You just need to learn them properly :disguised_face:


True everything you said…but it would be nice to get more than 2 a year

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i played for while with this new graphic i must say im impressed :grin: im back to this game after a while

This isn’t AoE2, new civs take time. For example, civs right now have around 20,000 dialogue lines. People say they want uniqueness, but with uniqueness also comes balance issues so every civ needs to be playtested more. Every civ also needs unique designs for every building in every age, and a full musical score. The more I delve into this game the more I get astounded at how much work it requires.


I am a strong believer in that You can never have enough Civs.

Because I have a dream to have a massive custom map representing the IRL world in mini-format and put every civ in their respecting place, and have a grand FFA campaign for world domination.


Even AoE2 only gets about 2 civs a year. Which is what AoE4 has done so far.


i think the same never enough civilisations

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AoE2 launched with only 13 civilizations.
AoE4 laaunched with only 8 Civilization with 2 added rather shortly after release.

So we’re not that far behind what AoE2 originally had. And there is absolutely no harm in adding new stuff.
And I’ll be honest, I rather experience game unbalance every now and then for the sake of new content to keep things interesting and fresh.
Than the game stagnating with no / boring content that adds little to the game, for the sake of perfecting Balance (Which is a never ending job regardless).

And consider how diverse many of these civs and how they are currently balanced.
This game has been pretty good at keeping all things balanced.

Just look on many other rts where balance is thrown out of the window. even from the same company coughcoh3cough


Indeed, and we should characterize existing civs as well. I am relieved to see that they are really working on this.
Like ABS, Chinese, HRE, Malians has characteristic MAA. In fact, other unit like spearman or crossbow should also get this kind of love.

True, and only 5 campaigns.

:wink: :wink:

Yes, but the missing civs are the Japanese, Byzantines, Vikings, Scottish (Celts), Goths and Persians. Just my opinion, but they have more personality than all of the included civs. I can’t imagine anyone staying up at night thinking about playing as the English, French, Rus or Chinese. They are too mundane.