We need a new revolution for the Swedes

Okay the American DLC is on the table. However you feel it and however it is going to get implemented, it will not be retracted.
Let’s talk about something more fun and positive here: Brits and Dutch might be fine with that because they already have quite a few revolutionary options (and many more potential ones) but what about poor Swedes?
They only have two revolutions right now, and their only overseas colony is in today’s US so no colonial civ is viable.
Maybe Norwegians? That also paves the way for Danes, if the devs are going to add them.

It will be stupid if you can still revolt into US after the DLC.


In the first place, the Swedes were the wrong choice. There was a better option, Denmark, and they had North American, Caribbean, and East India companies and parts of Asian colonies. However, because Sweden was active in several European wars, civilizations with more suitable qualifications were completely ignored.


In that perspective, Swedes are not worse than Ottomans or Germans, at least.

if AOE3 was the European War, it would be.

A ot of units in the original, were from the 30 Years War and the Napoleonic Wars, all of which were in Europe, and never saw action in the colonies.
The game was always designed with European Conflict in mind, it is just that there was a shift, mid development, to a Colonial theme.

Doppelsoldner, Longbowmen and Caçadores make no sense in a Colonial setting. And there are other examples.


European War with Ottomans and Germans fighting in Yukon?

So, if Europeans fought only muskets in the game, there would really be no problem with what the game was based on.

Anyway, in the 18th century, we only fought with muskets, cannons, and a few cavalry, so all archer units such as crossbows must be removed. Is this what you want to say?

Battles fought in colonies are called colonial battles, not European wars. Like Britain and France fought a war to conquer numerous colonies.

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America SHOULD be retracted honestly


Look at Empire Total War that has an authentic “colonial war” theatre: that’s mostly low quality irregulars and native auxiliaries, identical for every nation, while the very limited number of regular and elite units need to be literally “shipped” from the mainland.

That’s what the true “colonial theme” game should be like: on the Indian map, all European civs get only sepoys and sowars; on the American map, they get minutemen/militias and some native allies; on the East Asian map, they get almost nothing except missionaries because major conflicts between China/Japan and Europe did not happen until 1850s.

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This game is not Total War. If you want that much testimony, it’s better to do Total War.

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And this game is not “Age of Empires: everything that appears in the colonies except Ottomans but we’re fine with that for whatever reason”.

I’d rather like Age of Ottomans. They conquered Anatolia anyway, conquered parts of Europe and parts of Africa, and sent expeditions to Asia.

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You would need to remove most Mercenaries, the entirity of the Ottoman, Dops, Crossbows, Uhlans, War Wagons, Cossacks, Strelets, Hussars (never fough in the Americas, Hussars are European theatre only), Dragoons (same issue), Grenadiers (same issue, again) and a whole lot of cards and civ bonii, taht DIRECTLY reference the 30 Years War or the Napoleonic Wars.

This is because time passes and historical events occur even during the colonial war. No matter how colonial, it is not unusual to be influenced by the historical influence of the mainland unless it becomes another state through revolution. For example, if you were in Louisiana in the 18th century, you would have been called a French.

It’s you who are trying to limit the “theme” of the game. So it’s not my intention to remove them but yours.

And you will not see an Old Guard or a Gendarme in your lifetime.

No, they are just completely unrelated to Colonial expansion. They are specific units, people and events for a game set in Europe, or one that covers the European Theatre.

Wallenstein never saw the New World, and Cuirassiers never trampled the grass of American plains.

By the unit and card rosters alone, the game already breaks the “Colonial” theme. Shatters it, really.

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I am not trying to limit the theme. If I had tried to limit the theme, I wouldn’t have wanted any DLC in the first place. And AOE3 had already been a theme from its birth. It seems like you are trying to deny it and make the game rag.

If those units deny and break the theme, I don’t need them. It is natural that it will be the result of the DE developers’ foolishness anyway, so it is not expected at all.

That theme is “interesting civs and units from the early modern age, on American maps, and later Asian maps”.
NOT “Americas and Asia, with all the units that made their appearance there”.

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