As of now I just released 4 AI that are built using the other IQ booster mod I released on ModDB now here on the official mod store:


Which currently makes me one of the only few persons publishing new AI. I know many are waiting on the likes of Barbarian and The Horde or Snake to come back but before we rely on the importance of waiting lets also promote the power of doing. You can check out my mods give them a spin and let me know what you think. Tweak them and republish. Even better build AI yourself to compete against them and share on the official store. But this game needs more Custom AI.

Till this day
No good AI that work on Islands
No good AI that work on Nomad
No good AI that uses transport
No good AI that play alternative games like capture the hill well

As for the old AI developers, some of them might come out of retirement and I hope like me now they are workin on new AI. But I am not banking on it as I do not think we are entitled to that guarantee. But again as someone who has made AI and battled with them since the old tournament glory days. I respect the point to care about previous peoples work. But also have fun and remix stuff. Till the OG’s come back or say otherwise. The community needs more Custom AI.

Does anyone else agree?

PS:–> Also for the other people who have published AI so far. Thanks bu please try to make your AI more manageable. Nobody needs 17 files of the same AI named for each number of players it fights. Do better and give us one AI file that dynamically picks a style in a nested folder in the code based on number of players. These things will make Custom AI better.


I definitely agree with the sentiment of the topic, i do hope that more people will be interested in AI scripting for aoe2 in the future for more variety for people to play with. There is a helpful community around as well.

There is still an existing community of AI scripters (including scripters of AIs such as Barbarian, Subjugator, Promi and more) where some of them already expressed an interest in updating their AI for the DE, it just takes a lot of time. I assume it’s the same for any new scripters since writing an AI for aoe2 is quite time consuming (especially if you’re making an AI without cheats).

It’s always fun if you have a group of friends to play human vs AI games with where every AI in the enemy team is from a different author, makes for very diverse computer player behavior and fun games. :slight_smile:

Happy scripting and happy playing with the AIs. o/


I’m a chinese AI scripter , I agree with the sentiment of the topic too.I taught myself script syntax.this is very difficult for me because my English is very poor.
I’ve studied barbarian’s code and let it support the Definitive Edition of the four new civilizations.But has not been released publicly,I think the owner of the barbarian must not like it when someone changes his code.if you are interested in AI code,you can add me to steam,my steam ID is 276179246


Hi Yeoman!

I used to play the old AOE II back in the day and just realized they brought these classics back with bigger and better improvements. By no means am I any kind of expert, but I dabbled in AI Scripting during my final days of playing.

I found this thread because I was looking already, but can you point me to some online resources where I’d be able to pick it up again? Is there a site that lays out the basics for AI Scripting for AOE DE II? Like I said I was fairly new and have forgotten everything, so I’d have to start over.

Any help or links is greatly appreciated! Thanks much! :slight_smile:

Here is the AI scripters forum - https://forums.aiscripters.com/
Unfortunately it needs registering in order to access and I could not register due to captcha check being bugged. But you may still try :slightly_smiling_face:

Awesome I’ll get myself set up with an account later tonight. Thanks so much Yorok!

Owner of barbarian ai is the the pro player TheMax. Maybe contact gun directly if you want to reuse his code.

So far he does not want other people to reupload his AI, but also announced that he is working on a version for DE. It seems like it’s only a matter of time. :slight_smile:

But i agree, contact with the author should always be attempted first.


Any chance you guys could let the site owners of forums.aiscripers.com know that their captcha thing is not working, and keeping us from registering? I would but can’t without an account and I want to sign up to start scripting. :slight_smile:

https://forums.aiscripters.com/ registration has been impossible for months due to broken captcha mechanism. Maybe it would be time to fix it or just get rid of it?

The main admin of that website is aware of the issues but did not have time to fix it yet, i will send him another message.


If you could link some updated guides (videos/docs) on making AI for DE that’d be great.

I found it very painful to attempt to make an AI for HD. I think Res22 also sounded like he found it painful even though he actually made quite a decent ai on HD with hundreds of lines of code. At least I’ve heard him comment on it being painful to keep it updated when patches would break the ai.

Is it any better on DE? I presume it uses various userpatch features as well, although back with HD I didn’t really find these features well documented/explained either.

The captcha issue was fixed. You guys can eventually creat your account in http://forums.aiscripters.com/
See you there :wink:


I was able to make some progress on alot of the points here. Including using transports. Check out the new AI I released here: [DONE] Greatest AI Mod Ever Made - Black Power, Black Leaders, African Queens, Prince of Cities, DBZ (V 10.0)