We still don't have a civ builder filter

It’s awful, all mod categories are somehow invaded by these low effort mods that have 1 or 2 downloads each, I saw one today that was tagged with ALL categories, this makes navigating the mod browser a very unpleasant experience

The UI mods are just impossible to browse, unless you also want to see literally every single one of these

Don’t remove them, just move them to their own category, simple (How are categories even assigned? does anyone review them?)

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I think the system may be able to auto assign as well, but when you post your mod, you pick them, like this:

Problem with auto assigning is I’m not sure how you differentiate between civ builders, and other mods, as they have all the same kinds of files.

I considered adding a civ builder category, but people would have to self select since we don’t have a way of programmatically knowing they’re of that type unless there’s something within the files included that could differentiate them from other civ mods. We will be changing it so there’s a limit as to how many categories/tags you can chose to avoid that kind of spamming. While they may all technically apply I think they could limit it to the primary features of the mods, so maybe 5 or less.