Website for Creating Civs!

Hey guys! There’s a website made by KrakenMeister, which can be found here. You can custom-make your own civ using pre-existing units, techs, and bonuses (and a few new ones), and you can then export it as a .json file (more info on that is found when you click on the “help” button on the main screen). This is an awesome website that I can see a lot of potential for in custom scenarios and campaigns and stuff. Anyway, I just wanted to share this website with you all because I think it’s a fantastic idea that I’ve wanted for a while now, check it out at


Wooow, that’s great idea :slight_smile:

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Nice! Trying it right now! (Edit: first test project “Dutch” completed. It’s not as complete a toolkit as learning to properly mod, but it’s super fast and easy.)

As a complete aside, one of the civilization bonuses is “can buy cows in mill”. I tried searching for it already, is that like a confirmed bonus for Dawn of the Dukes or something?

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@Szaladon @TungstenBoar

this may interest u

some interesting potential civ bonuses such as


Insane ! Thank you for the link to the website !

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You know, going back to Spirit of the Laws “let’s create OP civs” i realize he missed a golden opportunity to truly make the most ridiculous cavalry civ he could.

to recap his build
Spanish for the tech tree
the unique unit was either the leitis or the cataphract
the unique techs were farimba and chivalry
team bonus was conversion resistance (teutons)
the civ bonuses were
150 food (lithuanians)
20% extra hp (Franks)
15/20% cheaper (Berbers)
free wheelbarrow/handcart (vikings)
-50% bonus damage (Sicilians)

i would drop one of the eco bonuses (probably the Lithuanians one) for stable units get +1/+2 PA (Indians).

this leaves you with 212 HP Paladins with 9 Pierce Armor and 110 HP Hussars with 8 PA.




so how does this civ do anything against archers? i can see them standing up to cavalry at least a little bit thanks to two handed swordsman in castle age, but yeah archers gonna wreck them.




Do you guys think this civ is overpowered based on just their civ bonuses?


so this civ gets free farms that give double the amount of food?
can i ask why a clearly infantry based civ would even need that?
and what would this civ do against archer civs?
against knight civs you least have halbs with what i assume would be squires + 15% speed.
i think this civ would be very weak - even with woad raiders.

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Pretty much.

I don’t know it’s just to help with booming.

They get fully upgraded elite skirmishers, siege onagers and siege rams.

They have a very open tech tree.

not that much really - the free farm upgrades means you don’t have to pay for them and that’s nice, but the actual extra food doesn’t have any impact until around 13 minutes after your farms go down, because that’s the point when your opponent would be reseeding them. a better bonus for booming would be teutons because the wood saved is UP FRONT.

okay but what do they get for team games?
because i can tell you skirms aren’t going to do crap in team games.

so what’s the weakness of the civ then? every civ has to have a weakness.

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They have weak cavalry because they lack Hussars, Paladins and the final armour upgrade.


weak cavalry does not a weakness make, especially since they have fully upgraded archers and better then fully upgraded infantry, coupled with insane siege.

like lithuanians as an example - they have a weak mid game because they have no economy bonus that applies at that time, and have to buy stuff other cavalry civs are getting for free (like bloodlines, or extra speed, or extra armor), and they have horrible siege, and their long term eco is inferior to many other civs.

take teutons as a good example - they have a weaker early game and early castle age due to their only eco bonus applying to farms - which helps, but doesn’t kick in until feudal age normally, and their cavalry lacks husbandry (and of course, their trash is, well trash).

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They don’t get heavy scorpions and bombard cannons, I don’t know if I’d call them insane.

I’m pretty sure a civ with free rams upgrades auto win against archers civs once in imp 1111111

heavy scorpions don’t see much use, but they get siege onager, siege ram, and their rams generate resources when attacking buildings. i’d consider that respectable at a minimum. if they get siege engineers that would be the cherry on top.


but they have to get to imp first.


idk just use knights/skirms/mangos like everyone else does