Weird behavior of AI in Skirmish matches

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  • OS: Windows 10

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In Skirmish matches with and against the AI, if the match goes beyond 35 min or so, the enemies and allies dont attack each other, even if the human player gives the order to attack

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  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

Start the match normally, my allies and enemies behave normally until the 35 min (or so) mark, then they don’t intend to attack even if I (the human player) order them to do so.

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That the AI (both enemies and allies) engage in battle and finish the match normally

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The AI in this game (no matter the difficulty) seems to always take a defensive posture and attack few times, also the Revolution is spammed a lot by the bots, the problem with this is that soon they run out of troops and you end up winning the match easily against most of European civs as you can just farm/turtle your way to victory while they have no villagers anymore and you can resist the weak revolution. I miss the old times where they just leveled up to the Imperial age and gave me a hard time


Yeah, is like you are saying. The AI reaches industrial age (in any difficulty) then they go for Revolution (almost all AI players go for this), and then they do nothing. Even i’ve got a match where the Swedes dont go over “Commerce” age, IN A 40 MIN GAME. They need to fix the AI ASAP.

I noticed this too. The AI are much less aggressive than in the original

I played for some hours noticed this too.
This happens not only in skirmishes, even in the campaign and in historical battles. It doesnt matter what level of difficulty the AI has. At some point the AI changes to passive posture or even worse: completly stops producing units, building houses and attacking.

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Yeah, the AoE3:DE AI sucks real hard. Had a friend download the game after having played the original many years ago. He described his first game as being “well easy” which was sorely disappointing as I wasn’t at all surprised given the current state of the AI.

It’s absolutely no fun playing offline now as they seldom launch attacks and allied AI don’t operate on joint attacks/help out at all anymore. Games feel super dead. AI just camps at their base or at their fort and occassionally sends small forces to certain locations only to bring them back for no reason. Real pity considering the DE actually made the AI quite intelligent, but they can’t put this to good use.

I’ve also noticed that more often than not, it takes the AI a very long time build farms and estates. Instead, they’ll hunt or mine until late, late-game, sending settlers across the map into enemy territory or other dangerous places only to die. Not at all worth it as the AI would spend more resources on restoring their economy. Oftentimes, when they do begin to build farms and estates, they’ll have so few settlers left they’ll just go idle and contribute 0 to the game. Old AI resource gathering behaviour was definitively far superior.

Revolutions are also pretty broken. I think they should be disabled as they AI has no idea how to handle them properly.

I’m assuming the DE devs are aware of these fundamental issues with skirmish/campaign play and are intent on releasing fixes in the near future. At this point, I feel as though I’ve wasted my money on this game - as hard as it is to say that.


I’ve experienced all the same issues people have mentioned here. I’m curious as to what are the AI improvements because so far the AI is worse than the original game.

The only ‘improvement’ I’ve seen is that the AI can utilise hit-and-run attacks, Revolt (although it’s pretty bad in how they handle it) and Natives warchiefs can finally gather treasures properly, in fact, the AI do tend to be pretty aggressive in treasure hunting.

However, those alone are not good enough when the AI in general is, well, a bit dumb.

i made a quick fix to the ai that will let it constantly attack with correct units. you could try it till the devs fix the ai.

it wont build trade posts and still always revolt though