Weird Interface Bug

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  • BUILD #: 40874
  • PLATFORM: Steam
  • OS: Windows 8.1

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Start a game, open Tech Tree (It also works on Statics/Achievements screen). Make rage quit (Alt+F4) then click “No”. If you do this it enables shortcuts Right Top buttons. I use HD hotkeys so when I press F10 it opens menu on top of your screen. If you click Options then Back to your screen again buttons will be appear in Tech Tree. Although in Statics/Achievements screen you can see all of in-game UI (minimap, resources etc.)

Second little bug is in scenario editor in editing players stuff, select gaia. Then save the game. Gaia can’t use somethings players has (name string id etc.) when game saved it appears and it’s useless boxes which does nothing.

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  • 100% of the time (ALWAYS)

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Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. Alt F4 on Tech Tree or achievements screen.
  2. Click “No” to message will appeared
  3. Then use menu hotkey. It opens menu which is not allowed at that screen.
  4. If you go Options then back to screen it shows things is not allowed to seen at that screen.

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This example from Manzikert Scenario, I resigned and in Statics i opened menu by this bug and then go to setting when i came back to statics screen seems like this. Also you can look both Tech Tree and Objectives. You can do more things. Like;


I can confirm this issue still exists on the January patch, the latest version @GMEvangelos

Reproduction Steps:

  1. Open a standard game
  2. Open the Tech Tree View inside the game
  3. Press ALTF4
  4. A pop up window appears asking “do you really want to quit”
  5. Select “No”

At this point, you are able to use any hotkey you want, for example using your Go To Town Center hotkey, or the Menu hotkey, while still being shown the full tech tree menu.

  1. Press the Menu Hotkey while in the tech tree (for me its F10, the default one)
  2. Menu opens, while still being inside tech tree view
  3. You can select stuff, for example press Options
  4. The screen will look like the screenshot below:

You can also do it with the Statistics menu.

  1. start a standard game
  2. resign
  3. go to statistics
  4. press ALTF4
  5. answer no on the pop up
  6. game looks like the screenshot below:


Thank you for the in-depth investigation! I’ve added this to the list for investigation by our Test team.

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