Welcome Evangelos!

Hi @GMEvangelos! Welcome to the Age of Empires community team. Would you please tell us a little bit about yourself?


Don’t forget to introduce yourself on the various other AoE forums/reddits out there


HELLO, HELLO! Thanks for the warm welcome @RadiatingBlade; this seems the perfect place to introduce myself!

My name is Evan, and I am the newest community manager over here at Microsoft Game Studios! I’m thrilled to be joining @Plus2Joe and the awesome team behind Age of Empires, since RTS games are a part of my core. Games like Command & Conquer, Total Annihilation, Starcraft, Pharaoh, Civilization, and (of course) Age of Empires are what originally made me a gamer, so I’m ecstatic to be returning to my roots and getting to know all of the folks who have been supporting these games over the past two decades—or even just getting to know them for the first time!

I can’t wait to continue working with you to make the Age of Empires franchise even better…and to share a few of the exciting projects we have in the works for all of you devoted (or converted….wololo!) members of the community. You’ll likely find me in-game as Evangelos or some variant therein, so feel free to cut me a little slack while I figure out how to properly farm for sheep!

Looking forward to working with you to make Age of Empires the greatest strategy franchise of all time! See you in the new Age! :wave:

> Oh…I"m also a fan of awesome .gifs, so feel free to drop your favorite in here as you say hello! Here’s one of my favorites!



I need to look into this farming for sheep thing. :wink:


I think I’m close to a breakthrough…


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In Greek Evangelos ( Ευάγγελος) means the one who brings good news.
I hope you bring us good news for our beloved franchise!!!


Welcome aboard Evan!


Hey, Evan, nice to have you here and hope you remain just as active on the forums as you started :smiley:

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Thank you! Don’t worry; I’m here for the long haul!