What about adding ruins and ancient cities to maps?

Keeping with my theme of starting threads regarding map development I had an idea. Since this is AoE 4…and set in the middle ages just as maps have cliffs and other terrain featues, why not have a map that´s in the ruins of pompei, fighting amongst the degraded ruins of a fallen empire or something like that? Even a Northern themed map fighting aroudn stonehenge or in the old imperial city in China? Something to this effect if possible.


I don’t see nothing wrong with that, it would be really cool, but space and interaction might be an issue if added retroactively.

This may just be the concept of a new map, or set of. For instance, a map called Ancient Ruins which features random ruins or destroyed settlements of Roman or Greek origin, or whatever.

Also a wild idea: those ruins could substitute Stone Outcroppings. Ancient buildings sadly were also demolished for the materials.

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Overall, that’s a most terrific idea.

Except there are infinitely more awesome and more ancient sites than Stonehenge, Pompei, and “Imperial City in China”, and at the same time infinitely more fitting to Sultans Ascend theme:


I agree, at least so that the maps don’t seem so empty… I would go further and put bandit camps like the ones in the campaigns, if you defeat them they give you a chest of 1000 of each resource or recruit them in exchange of gold every 15 mins and maybe be able to build wooden and stone bridges also to cross rivers (the wooden ones can be destroyed with torches, the stone ones can’t)…dynamic weather wouldn’t be bad either (the Essence Engine did it with CoH 2, you could have snow storms in snowy regions or sand storms in desert regions that reduce the vision and health of your units)…