What am I supposed to do when the game freezes?

I played ranked today, and the game “froze” after ~35 Minutes. I stayed in-game for ~15 Min while creating this post, but nothing changed.I could still click stuff, but the game seemed paused (except that it was not, I checked). I am unsure about the reason, and what to do to continue playing.

I remember from the old times, that if there was a connection error, there was this menu that opened after the connection was lost to save the game or exit. Is something like this possible? I saved the game in the in-game menu, but don’t know how to restore it with a random online opponent (if that’s even possible). My game did not crash, and my internet connection did not drop. Therefore I am also wondering what happened, because I hope that if someone dropped, the game would inform the players about that.

I did not submit this as a bug report, because I think the devs have little to work with with that description alone :D. Should I report it, can I gather some additional information on the game that would help the devs identify the problem?