What can be done to salvage AoE4?

Available for FE, not for Relic

And where is the art designer/director ? :smile:

Finally, age of mythology DE confirmed !

Of course, I also loved the documentaries, it is the best thing that AoE 4 has…although it sins a little of becoming a game of “History Channel” xd…

Yes, I have in the meantime reinstalled CoH2 to pass the Ardennes campaign to prepare for CoH 3…

Or until the maps were more varied in biomes and fauna…

You don’t need to, you can compared it to COH 1 from 2006 it will destroy age IV art/graphics :slight_smile:

Relic was never the sole developer on this game. That’s why World’s Edge was also on board. FE’s another resource.

The lesson here is they’re investing, and not the reverse.

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The season two survey was just a way for them to get info on you. if you said you don’t want your answers to be used outside of AOE4 they don’t even bother giving you the survey. This survey is being done just to collect gamer information. If they actually cared about the answers they would still let you do the survey even if you didn’t want your info shared with other Microsoft entities. Shows just how honest they are.


It let me do the survey though without giving that info…

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I hope it stays constant, at least around 14 thousand

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For me I grew up isolated without things like the internet so i spent so much time of my life on scenario editor, enjoying it from the early naughties, up until AoEIV was released so I have credentials as a fan. On AoE, AoE2 and AoM. I speak for all the people out there who probably can’t, as well as for myself that I would like to see a scenario editor. I don’t care about playing with or against others, its not fun for me and you wont make it fun for me. I find scenario editor fun, if you want me to carry on playing this game then that is the only way, except new civs but I don’t think I’ll see them in my lifetime.

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damn the burn! welp looks like they dont really care. game will die nothing to salvage at this point

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Yes, imagine if he plays the aoe 3, gives him an embolism xd…


One thing does not take away the other…could beautify the city by applying the capital system of AoE Online (which after all, is the game immediately before aoe4)…

Capital Inteface (outside missions and skirmishes)

In-game Interface (within missions and skirmishes)

That’s true, but Relic is not Creative Assembly…we already have the terrible background of DoW 3…

Its a cinematic trailer.
Literally every game has one of these.
It seems what you want is an actual gameplay trailer/info videos which im sure you can easily find if not now then eventually.

Your criticisms can only reasonably be for its artistic merits.
Also, you can be racist regardless of your skin colour so this really isn’t an argument.

I think it’s good, just like at Gamescon they will announce the happy dlc…

I wouldn’t mind paid cosmetics either… that is, currently that game does not have them?..

Big my old and hairy age 3 just…