What can we do about the quick wall mechanic?


Maybe this was introduced before, but I really think the devs should do something about this mechanic. It is really ruining and killing the fun. This quick wall stuff starts to be so annoying at any level, it is like the old Mangonel bug abuse that was do full damage when delete, or like the old foundation in the blackarea or the stragler trees removing trick, etc.

I think it is the time for the devs to do something about it honestly.

For me I have some suggestions:

  • Maybe make the foundation won’t able to block units until 33% ?

  • Maybe make the foundation have -10 melee armour?

  • Maybe give units bonus damage vs buildings while they are in the foundation stage?

I mean seriously this mechanic became a big annoying problem in the game, what do you guys think?

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Quickwalls have become way harder to execute lately…


Sorry I think you missed the writing on the keyboard, you mean easier. I see LELs do quick walling.

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that’s your opinion. I disagree

in DE walls and already have reduced armour when still under construction, while having fewer HP and being more expensive and slower to build. I think they have been nerfed to a point where they are in a good place.

proper quickwalling, especially of a lone villager in the open is pretty impressive to watch and takes a lot of skill


I understand your point and agree with your others examples, but I have mixed feelings with quickwalling.
I experiment both, frustration when I go raid can’t do damage because of it and great satisfaction when I stop a raiding in my base or trap enemy units.
Maybe, could be tweaked the way the hp rises in proportion with % builded. Make the first 50% builded just give 10% of total building’s HP

make walls cost more and also some part of the cost that isn’t refunded when deleting?

In general I think walls should cost more but have more HP in the exchange. Would in general make games more interesting cause it would make walling more a strategical decision.

Doesn’t that already happen? If you delete an incomplete building, you get your res back dependent on the %. Deleting a 90% Daut Castle is very painful for a reason, and I assumed the same exists for everything else too?

I think this would promote quickwalling even more, since I assume the OP mostly means when you quickwall in your resource-gathering vills by the berries, lumbercamps, mining camps etc.

I am currently fine with quickwalling even though I agree that it feels more like an exploit than an intended feature.

If I had to find ways to prevent quickwalls and similar side effects, my first solution would be:

  • building that cost no stone cannot be repaired when attacked. so we could still quickwall with stonewalls, which should not bother as much.
  • when a building gets destroyed, we cannot build anything on top of the leftover fundations (or overlapping it) in the next 2 or 3 seconds.

If the concept of “no stone cost building” sounds too unnatural, it could be further nerfed to “no finished building can be repaired while attacked” just like in aoe3. This would stop the infinite repairing of castle, TC and towers under heavy pressure. Or we would replace the concept of “stone costing building” with the concept of “building with ‘stone defense’ armor type”, which excludes outpost, feitotria, and caravanserai.

I think pallissade walls should stay weak and find a way to promote the usage of stone walls.

I would maybe decrease the cost of stone walls and gates to 4s and 20s instead of 5s and 30s.

Increasing the HP and the cost of stone walls & gates might be interesting indeed. Maybe mainly a HP buff on fortified walls (only 8 civs are missing it) ?
I cannot tell if it even is a good idea, I’ll have to ask players who are used to BF for that.

It really isn’t an issue when you have high tech technology. Rams, bombard, trebuchets etc will melt away walls/buildings.

It’s great if you can get to snipe some villagers, but it’s good if sometimes it occasionally fails.

Just because your rush failed doesn’t mean the game is necessarily bad. Just camp outside their walls until you have better technology to break them down. Or boom for a bit. Grab all the relics to get an economic advantage.

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My friend, I am talking here about the quick wall when the vill drop a piece of wood that instantly block the units. I think the devs should take this seriously and do something to nerf the foundation. I suggested 3 options if you have some ideas then I am listening, but if you think quick wall is fine it is your opinion.

Castle age is when you are given some good tools to break walls down. Rams for example. And other siege weapons in the imperial age.

The whole point of walls and quick walling is to annoy your foe and slow them down. There are ranged units that can fire beyond walls if necessary.

if you remove quick walls, people will just move to pre-emptive walls and your Knights/Scouts will still not find damage. This is why you pair melee units with Siege/Ranged units, to deny walls/repairs/rewalls. If you fail to do so, and come with a mono unit composition, it’s a skill issue and I think you don’t deserve to find damage, after all the game is about army compositions, not 1-unit spam.

More generally, I think quick walls take skill and have a place in the game.


I don’t care, I want to see the quick wall get a huge nerf anyway. This mechanic abusing is exactly what was the Mangonel delete bug, building foundation in the black area, and stragler tree before. This should disapear.

Your rush wouldn’t be an issue if you just boomed for a bit. In the late game quick walls are largely meaningless due high tech siege equipment. Quick walling is usually only done by players of high skill anyway. It’s a non issue for players of lower skill.

I think it cannot be done in terms of in-game mechanism.

I guess maybe they can decrease the building rate when a build is just build, and increae the building rate when it is more than 33%. So that a new just started foundation will be easily destory by any other unit

sounds like a you issue, L + ratio + get good.

The idea that the mechanic is abusive is like, just your opinion. There are TONS of people who disagree.

I’m guessing that you forgot quick walls already got nerfed x2

1.Take longer to build
2. Foundations much easier to break


Unfortunately this didn’t fix the issue. The building’s foundation needs more nerfs.

I really don’t think it does. Just play EW if you want instant Feudal action. Quick walling takes a high level of skill; it’s not a bug or a hack in the game. It’s nothing like palisade scanning or mangonel delete trick. High skill should be rewarded, not punished.


It is your problem if you think a silly thing like this is a skill.