What civ are you "maining"?

Since AoE4 have 8 civ all quite different from each other (a bit like aoe3) what civ are you trying to make your main first? And why?

  • Abbasid Dynasty
  • Chinese
  • Delhi Sultanate
  • French
  • English
  • Holy Roman Empire
  • Mongols
  • Rus

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Personally I thought of maining the HRE at first, but now I changed my mind when I saw that the French also have bonuses for the archer too.


I was also thinking HRE but apparently the Prelate bugs have not been fixed and are perhaps even worse now from what people are saying?

So I am thinking It’s all about the shuh-val-yey!!! life for me now. Might give Rus a try but they seem more involved and I need something simpler to get the hang of the game with.


Well, not considering bugs for the moment of course, since we expect to be fixed soon…

I don’t like much the rus, maybe because I’m personally against hunt for sport, so going around on the map killing animals for fun doesn’t suit me. It also seems too much rewarding for how much easy it is.

Maybe the abbasid too seem nice.

I’m somewhat undecided between the HRE and the Abbasides.
The English and French feel a bit too simple.
The Rus bounty mechanic is kinda annoying tbh.
Chinese and Delhi are interesting but I feel like their mechanics don’t really work the way they are supposed to.
Mongols are just not my kind of playstyle.

The HRE has nice Infantry and their prelate is interesting. The fact that they can basically be used as economic and military unit is nice.

The Abbasides have some interesting upgrades in their House of Wisdom and their Camels can be interesting units.

Also not a coincidence that both can build the Culverin.


I’m really intrigued in the house of wisdom, but they are a bit difficult to master I fear.

That’s what I like too.

True, but it seems that the French are quite different from what they appear at the beginning.

They have bonuses for archers and commerce, and I don’t know in the other translations, but in the Italian one they seem to have included a lot of historical Italian aspects (like the pavise or the galeass) which intrigues me, so I heavily reconsider them.

Yeah the same…

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French, because I like cavalry and because I personally cannot identify with the other civilizations. I am eagerly waiting for the Byzantines to come out, I will main them no matter what when that happens.


The French have a Mediterranean coast in the south.
And Pavise were used by most armies in the Middle Ages. If we ever see Italians I do expect them to return, maybe in a different was. I could see them have Crossbows that always carry one but one that isn’t as powerful.

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I like playing with Rus. I am tring to play Abbasid but ı cant play it. Other civs have certain advantages.

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I’m not saying that the Italians are the French, but since they controlled Genoa for a small time window, they added some Italians aspects.

Like, genoese xbows were quite often. What surprised me was the presence of the Galeass (a venetian ships) and the heavily presence of commerce.

Anyway I’m mainly playing French for the arbalest.

Yes yes, there is still much to play around to add a potential Italians state, but still…

I actually thought that they would be included more in the HRE.

I am only playing English for now but I will eventually try out every civ. I like how the civs are more distinct than in AOE2 but not as different as in SC2, so you can probably switch between civs without too much trouble.


Eventually I want to try all of them too, but if the game is more similar to aoe3, it’s unlikely that I will master all of them.

More likely about 3, maybe 4 of the initial roster. More probably if DLCs will come out.

I initially wanted to main the Mongols but the Rus’ ability to gain gold through hunting was the first thing that gravitated me towards this civ as I don’t have to mine for gold for my first age up. I also get gold passively through hunting cabins and also allows me to scout more.

On feudal, my landmark of choice is The Golden Gate wherein I can buy/sell to get the resources for a 2nd TC as I build some early knights to harass. I’ll keep on poking, checking for weak spots that I can exploit while I build up the game ending Strelsy. Plus, Rus’ upgrades for the Springalds makes it the most long ranged one in the game. I have the option to be aggressive or passive and I’m not forced to adopt one playstyle (compared to the Mongols).

To be honest, I never thought I would like this civ. I thought they’ll only be Mongols-lite which showed my ignorance. I’m glad that I’m proven wrong and found my main civ (for now until Japanese).


I am a holy roman player, however I want to learn mongols eventually.

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I like the HRE and the Rus. I’ve tried all of the them. each civ has different bonuses but you basically play the same as all of them

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I don’t like much that mechanic onestly, it should tuned down a bit in my humble opinion…

But yeah, the rest of the rus seems cool, so I understand you.

Yeah but all have unique things, so eventually you would master some more than the others.

I start by saying wish there were japanese like another player said also!! Samurai archers and gunpowder… basically a oriental english civ! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

But i have gone through the civs alot so far trying to decide which one- but not on bias i have a particular tactic i like to run with and i havent found which civ really does what i want yet… though delhi and chinese say they do, they are kinda really not”. :face_with_monocle: i wish there was a list of the civs eco tree on the website like the one ig. Because i usually spend 30-40 min just reading through which one i want still.

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Would go random … if i could.


Yeah I’m just using them while I learn the hotkeys and how not to be garbage at multitasking
Just finishing up their campaign as well

I currently plan to move on to the Chinese. I played them a bit in the stress test, and I like most of their units, but I really need to learn how to play them properly, something I don’t want to do while I’m still struggling with hotkeys and multitasking.

If I wanted to play the civs that I think are the strongest right now and win games, then I would play French, Rus, and Abassid as a priority.

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That would be a good way to learn everything in the game. Knowing your opponent is very useful

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