What civilizations do you think can be split into several ones like previous Indians?

well interesting! but more than a split it seems like flat out new civs material to me no?


we have fantasy units anyway so no need to change that.


none but add tibetans


Everyone knows how you call the new Indian civs OP, and ask for more Euro civilizations in a game already having the largest chunk being european “civilizations” , 19 of them. (The euro civs are basically duchies by this point)
It is clear which civs you like and which you utterly dislike (and hence call OP without any reasoning or sources to back it up).


He was saying for a whole year that the Indian subcontinent needs one more civ at most…


What about a Japanese Split in 3 most powerfull Clans?

  1. Focus in infantry and eco, Samurai No-Dachi (nowadays Samurai) as UU and Yari Samurai (Unique upgrade for halbardier). Good, but generic archers
  2. Focus in cavalry and Cav archers, Mounted Naginata Samurai as UU
  3. Focus in inteligence and monastery, broad tech tree. Ninja and Warrior Monks as UU

Clans arent civilizations


And Aztecs didn’t use Iron nor siegecraft… Dude, it is a game, not a History tesis… Feudal Japan was enough rich to be splited in at least 3 “civs” that would cover thar richness imo… Just take another historic license…

I know Japan is cool and all, but we have to be fair. Imagine what people would (rightfully) ask for if we divided Japan in clans

  1. Slavs - Serbians, Croatians + non-Slavic Romanians
  2. Teutons - Bavarians, Saxons
  3. Chinese - Tibetans, Jurchens
  4. Saracens - Mamluks, Moors
  5. Vikings - Swedes
  6. Mali - many Western African civs

I prefer to imagine a f–cking Naginata rider shredding units or a ninja infiltrating in a base… 11

Idk about Teutons but Slavs just need to be renamed at this point.

And Gbetos are Fon and not Malian, so maybe we could get a Fon civ and a new Malian UU.


slavs - rus
vlachs -vlachs
teutons - germans
chinese - chinese
tibetans - tibetans
saracens - arabs
vikings - norse



Is this about naming?

Romanians do not belong to Slavs,They are Latins!!!


Given that Indians will be renamed to Hindustanis in DLC…

DLC: Dynasties of China

  • Jurchens.
  • Khitans.
  • Qiangs or Tanguts, who can be a small umbrella civ covering Tibetans and Tanguts without using the term “Tibetans”.
  • Yi or Lolos or Nuosu, who represents the chiefdoms and kingdoms such like Mu’ege, Ziqi, Nanzhao and Dali.
  • Hans or Han Chinese, who is renamed from the current Chinese civ.

If we don’t make a big DLC like above, the Jurchens and Khitans can be together in one since they were all Song Dynasty’s enemies from north of the Great Wall, and the Qiangs and Lolos can be together in another one since they are all Tibeto-Burman languages.

Not directly naming a civ “Tibetans” more or less helps to avoid the game being used by some players to express or imply their stance on modern political issues. So do the Uyghurs. I also suggest including the Göktürks when making a Central Asian DLC, so that this new civ representing the early and eastern Turkic peoples can be more suitable for covering Uyghurs than existing civs, without introducing a civilization directly called “Uyghurs”.

Renaming the current Chinese (e.g. Han) also helps provide Microsoft with an excuse that “the Jurchens, Khitans, Qiangs, Lolos and Hans are all Chinese, just like Bengalis, Dravidians, Gurjaras and Hindustanis are all Indians.”


Can a rename bypass the CCP ban hammer?


The two terms “Tubo (圖博)” and “Tufan (吐蕃)” are still directly related to Tibetans, basically just other names for Tibetans and may even be more dangerous, so they are not helpful.

It is hard to say.
Even a game like Animal Crossing that has nothing to do with the real world was banned by CCP because some players had drawn Tibetan flags in the game.

But at least a try and better chance than doing nothing.

Realistically, Italians can only really be split by the Venetians imo, the other duchies, republics and city-states are too close culturally to warrant splitting imo. Germans… I’d only support an Austrian/Habsburg split, since they were the only major German subgroup to get some form of continental dominance. Slavs, Serbs and maybe Vlachs. Chinese, Tanguts and the Jurchen would be nice.

I don’t see many more umbrella civ split opportunities imo.

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Yes, even though in medieval age the venetians were not part of Holy Roman Empire Italy.

Serbs and Croats - Vlachs are not even part of Slavs umbrella

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