What concepts could work as treasures, mines, infinite resources, or captureable objectives on the map?

@Konahrik1140 I actually really like the concepts as such, but they would be very similar in some situations to what’s in the game right now.

I think that the universities for the Europeans will never arrive because they would be OP. But they could be captureable buildings, and there could be powerful technologies. It could work like this:

All upgrades cost 3,000 coins (assuming you’re a patron).

It will also have a passive ability that exchanges coins for experience.

Possible technologies:

  • Forestry: You will get a wood farming cart for 10,000 wood. (Once it runs out you can create it again in your TC).

Formal education in forestry began about 1825 when private forestry schools were established. These were the outgrowth of the old master schools such as Cotta Master School, which developed into the forestry college at Tharandt—one of the leading forestry schools in Germany. The National School of Forestry was established in Nancy, France, in 1825. forestry | History, Types of Forests, Techniques, & Aims | Britannica

  • Oil Extraction: Send an engineering cart that transforms into an oil extractor. Provides 10 coins per second. (It’s infinite)

There could also be libraries that give you books with each shipment or when you advance in age.

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OperaticShip743 Curious, your proposals always seem original to me, but sometimes I don’t see a practical way to apply them to AOE3DE.

I have three questions for your proposal.

  1. What prevents me from destroying the university once I obtain the technologies to prevent my opponent from obtaining them?

  2. Why would a university be in the middle of nowhere?

  3. Wouldn’t it be better to create European settlements with schools and universities to justify the improvements?

The idea of adding universities could make sense on maps where we fight inside a city, it’s a shame that this style of play was not added with the European DLC and don’t get me wrong, your idea is good, but it needs some tweaking. :sweat_smile:

I really like the idea of an eagle treasure, but I don’t think flying birds as a unit is feasible. It would be very difficult to select a small flying unit, and melee units wouldn’t really be able to attack eagle guardians.

Instead, when you rescue a trapped bird (hawk, eagle, falcon, etc) from from whatever is guarding it, it should give your explorer the Scouting Falcon ability that the Khan from AoE4 has.

I’d also like to see that ability enabled for your explorer by a tech from the Tengri Shrine, and as an ability for Mongol Scouts. There could also be a Falconry card that grants the ability.


Silesia and Ruhr maps with Miner Settlements (trainable Miners (speaking in Silesian and Westphalian languages) with ability to build Unique Building - Grube (Mine building constructed on mine resource - increase extraction and generate XP).

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Ruhr (Westphalian language)


Upper Silesia (Silesian language)


Lower Silesia (Schläsche language - Silesian German language)

Or Unique Building and Unit for Prussians civ.

I don’t know, maybe being neutral institutions you couldn’t attack them (?). Personally, I would like the Europeans to have universities by default or through cards, but it would make them very powerful endgame civilizations.

I assume that each player starts with a college near their base.

This would make them a new alliance type similar to native TPs. I think it would work better this way.

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Treasure or captureable building

A captureable Aymara structure that you can loot, giving you 300 experience and 500 coins, (But the natives will get annoyed and some angry native warriors will appear attacking your base) Also the native TP cost will increase by 50% for the next 10 minutes.

Or conversely if you want to protect it (you should build a defensive building near it), increase the native limit and they are 10% cheaper.Native TP experience increased by +0.15/s. (Totally 0.50/s). You will receive some native warriors for free by building TP.

This could imply a new kind of native:

This reminds me of an idea I made earlier in another thread.
I think the capturable objects are the result of the implementation of that idea.

I’m looking forward to seeing capturable objects in some older maps in the future. This could be a good opportunity to introduce some campaign-only things into the normal game.

  • The trade posts of saltpeter site and the Spanish/Chinese treasure ships can be captured to provide resource trickles or resource crates. They have a chance to appear on maps of the subcontinent, Central America, and Southeast Asia, respectively.

  • The stockades can provide players with a limited number of outlaws to hire without taking up the population. Prisons are usually set up in less crowded places, which makes it reasonable.

  • The fixed guns in the scenario should be renamed to distinguish them from the Maltese ones. They might also have a chance to be capturable, since that’s one of how they work in the campaigns after all.

Here’s a new idea: Medieval Ruins.

Some ruins can be seen in some AoE2 campaigns. Those were reworked using AoE1 buildings, so it’s a homage-filled Easter egg. Maybe AoE3 is worth doing too. The medieval ruins will use the assets of AoE2.

Just by controlling the Ruins, it will give you a trickle of XP. Additionally, coins can be spent for Archaeological Research (big button, which provides a one-time large amount of XP) at there. Archaeological Research is like Mercantilism but can be researched multiple times and need a cooldown.

If it was a monastery, you can see an AoE2 relic there. It will, like AoE2’s relic, bring you a slight trickle of coins too.

If it was a castle or barrack, controlling it is like treating it as a garrison for your army, so you can train infantry and cavalry there, or having an aura to buff the units nearby there. Also, you can see an ancient statue there. The statue is a famous unit of AoE2, maybe Paladin or King.

If it had been a TC, market or university, there would be no extra function, but the cooldown of Archaeological Research would be shorter because there would be a lot of records of people’s activities there.

The ruins can also be famous ancient landmarks such as the Colosseum, the Pyramids, etc. Napoleon’s invasion of Egypt kicked off modern Egyptian archaeology, which I believe is definitely one of the most important things in the AoE3 timeline.


Hiring outlaws from it seems a like it’s encroaching on natives a bit too much. However, Stockades could make for a good large European treasure.

This is kind of what those tower treasures are. Ancient ruins could be an even better option. Something like ancient Greek statues at would give an xp trickle would work great for the new Acropolis map.


I don’t know why.

Wouldn’t it be reasonable to help fight by freeing Wokou, imprisoned in the Yellow River, and Highwayman, imprisoned in England?

Anyway, what I would like to see is an Easter egg about AoE2.
Wanna see the familiar AoE2 castles in ruins after centuries.
Of course it is nice if something about AoE1 could also be obtained.

seria legal ter a possibilidade dos aldeões poderem pescar em pequenos lagos ou nas bordas das praias e lagos

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Wooden slides and wooden river transport.

Generate armfuls of 500 wood over time.


It could be an upgrade from river trading posts where these trading posts generate wood over time. (This is assuming that emulating a wood flow or a wood slide would be very difficult or impossible for the AOE-3 engine).

This is kinda already in the game. Log Flume is one of the woodcutting upgrades.

Well, mills too, and yet there are mills that can be captured.