What do you think about these civ bonuses/UTs?

Title. What do you make of the following:

  • University techs have double the effect (Relevant for Chemistry, Arrowslits, Siege Engineers, Masonry, Architecture, Heated Shot, Treadmill Crane)

  • Towers stone cost replaced with gold [As a tech]

  • Houses can train villagers, but villager train time is doubled [As a tech]

  • Barracks technologies available 1 age earlier (not unit upgrades)

  • Military buildings spawn a villager upon being completed

  • Lumber, Mining camps, Mills/Outposts can garrison 5 villagers

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OP if applies to all techs.


Not sure.

Probably not that useful bonus.


Worse than Khmer one so it will be fine. Not sure why it is not a civ bonus already.

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These are pretty cool ideas.

sounds rather strong, but could definitely be part of a fun civ design

sounds like it would be useless in most situations and result in degenerate gameplay in a few niche situations (Black Forrest noobs with trade?)
Probably a bad idea.

would be cool. Would probably need to be an Imp tech, where it could make fast imp rather strong.
As always, the other civ aspects would need to be tuned to make fast imp viable but not OP.

sounds cool. Not particularly strong, but nice effective flavour.

Nice. +4 vills at the end of Feudal with certain build orders that are already in use. I’d love to see an early barracks to get a quick +1 vill.
It’s the same scale as the Viking or Chinese bonus; rather strong, but it could be balanced by nerfing (or removing) the civ’s knights and archers.

But why not.

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  • University - Decent one!
  • Towers - Cant do that, sorry.
  • Houses - Obviously nope.
  • Barracks - Nice one, basically Squires in Feudal Age, a little bit too Celts, can live with that.
  • Military buildings - Too OP.
  • Lumber - Too Khmer, just stronger.

Overall not so good ones, however get extra points for being bold and innovative! <3

This one looks realest, most possible to be intriduced.
I suggest to make it a civ bonus, and able to garrison up to 10 persons.

Non-military units (villagers, fishing ships and trade units), monks and scout cavalry line use 0.5 pop, but the max pop cap -20% (160 if 200).
Market supply 10 pop as team bonus.

I set them to bonus for my design of the Sogdians. How about them?

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No to everything except the resource camps garrisoning. Towers costing gold is just weird, and has massive potential to be abused in team games. Houses training vils is just weird, and could be broken in the right circumstances. Giving uni techs double the effect is not balanced. Barracks techs an age early will probably be too weak, and using military buildings to help a boom is both strange and unbalanced.

improsived one
Cav can garrison on TC and Siege weapons


Cool. It can be expected to work with Siege Tower in surprise.

I just hit upon an idea for team bonus. Maybe let UTs and Conscription researchable at TC but research time +150%.


Units garrisoned in rams give double attack and speed bonuses

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Hmmm, for a civ geared towards defense might be viable, but without SE and arbalesters/HCAs/and maybe even Galleons.

Doable, but for a civ without Bombard Towers, and maybe 1.5/2x the cost.

Nope. Maybe for double/triple the food, might be OP even then.

No problem at all, we’re talking about arson, squires and supplies here, not really game changing stuff.

Maybe some unique military building that replaces the regular one.
Like a civ that doesn’t have barracks but instead Barracks v2 that costs 200W opposed to 175.

No problem, but I’d give it to a slow civ. Maybe just resource camps though, not outposts.

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Might a suggest a bonus like this one ?

Unique UT: Call the Banners

Building a castle spawns a unique unit called Lord, with double health /damage ( compared to a standard paladin) with the standard weakness of cavalry but no extra damage. Units near the Lord can heal at half the standard monk speed.
Bonus passive effect: Heavy cavalry line speed increased by 10%

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I think there is space in the game for “Unique” Unique units yes, like the Khan in aoe4 or explorers in aoe3. There is potential, will be against most of what the game is about, but who cares, as long as there is new and exciting content.


I dont think game engine supports a unit having both a healing ability and an attack

that is correct, however, the unit itself wouldnt be the one healing, like a monk or Edwige, but an aura that starts from him. The point is , can it be made like an aura? in aoe 4 the answer is yes, in aoe 2… Maybe?

It would be like the damage reduction of the hussite wagon. just increased Hp regen rather than damage reduction.

You could make a damage increase instead of healing if healing cant work. like 10%

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Wait what? Why, or how, is that a limitation? Very odd…

But yes, if it’s an aura it shouldn’t be an issue, I assume?

We have Folwarks now. So I hope it is possible.

Hussite Wagon mechanics work differently. It is from their unit size or hit box, not an area effect.

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Shrug. All I know is I’d rather keep aoe2 more on the aoe2 side of things. Making it like wc3/sc2/aoe4 won’t work well. We have literal proof of this. Not a fan of activated abilities or auras and if anything we have seen that trying weird and new hasn’t worked well.


Now that the devs have the source codes a unit with aura or heal and attack is quite possible,even swgb hs similar units so its doable.But do we need these micro intense units added is a different matter.

i’m more concerned with whether it would be a good fit in general. auras and activated abilities has never been a theme in age 2. my guess auras would either be weak as can be or completely busted.

The ideas are cool, but only some of them are capeable to be implemented:

-university techs: idea is nice but only for a civ with bad archers . otherwise the extra damage on ballistics would be absurdly op in lategame. maybe it yould be interesting for bulgaria or spain

  • towers gold instead of stone: as already stated by another player, that would lead to absurd results in teamgames with trade, so i doubt the bonus/tech is a good idea

  • Houses train villegers: if that is anything but an imperial tech, it would be an absurd eco bonus. as imperial tech, it might be ok, but it could still be very strong by effectivly making enemies raids useless. anyway, as long as it is not on burgundians, it could be a cool imperial tech.

  • barracks technolies available 1 age earlier (not unit upgrades): rather pointless with one exception. this would be a great civ bonus for slavs. free supplies in dark age results in a great dark age or men at arms rush and the opportunity to do a further push by fast men at arms with sqires and arson against wallers. this wouldwould improve slavs poor early game in a decent way.

military buildings spawn a villager upon being completed: usually players have a barrack and 2 archery ranges or stables befor castle age, thats three vills. the bonus would be something like vikings free wheelbarrow and vikings pay for that with a disgusting tech tree. anyway as unique tech it would come in quite late and could be ok for a civ with bad eco.

garrison bonus/tech: as stated by others, its not op on khemer so why not

overall cool ideas

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