What do you think about those full boom pockets?

Sure some of the maps you can doing this, but for Arabia, hideout, it’s just making your 4v4 game into a 3v4 situation.

I found that this full boom pockets happens a lot to those players between 2200 to 2400
They thought their flank will be okay and they can 1v2 most of the games, but clearly it wont.

To me this is kind of selfish play.

Yeah, in my opinion, if you queue up as random, everyone has its own plan. No one really works as team. That is the mean issue of what you experience. Communication is key.

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it is hard to define Full Boom. I really haven’t seen anybody who does not make units in castle age on Arabia. Of course anything can happen if you play with people who got lower than 40% win rate.

It depends, for example if i get matched with 2200 flank i’d rather to let him die and just boom, cause it depends on me to win the game, if i wait for him to play at one level that he doesn’t belong but the MM decided so it would be over really fast, then booming is the only real chance to win a game with such clear disadvantage.

So yeah using a player as bait to gain enough time to boom is perfectly fine.

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and this mentality is exactly why i quit playing team games. boomers gonna boom and leave the flanks to die and not help. your such a TEAM PLAYER.

Depends on the map

In Arena at least one going full boom into Imperial Age is quite useful if the player uses a civ that has a deadly UU or highly armored unit, like Boyar or Konnik.
But in Open or semi Open maps like Arabia or Hideout you must either send help with scouts or get a fast castle with Knights or similar.
And the Pockets aren’t always the reason of the Flanks being ■■■■■■ up, sometimes you help them but they do nothing lol.

Exactly that is the mentality that makes you lose games, a flank can’t win a 2x1 but a pkt can win 2x1 that is the difference, you are missing a lot experience you can’t get sensitive in unfair matches, if your level doesn’t fit in the game all you can do is a be good ally and hold on, save vills and wait for the pkt to clean up and sling you.

You clearly haven’t been pkt of those guys who are X in the wrong spots or are not even pushing and just want you to defend vs his guy, if you follow a bad flank you will make no damage and waste precious time that you could have used in economy instead of just running your army.

no, i’m talking the type of player who will literally be in castle age, booming away, and Doing literally NOTHING to help a flank player. there is zero reason if you are in castle age that you can’t be making military and contributing somewhere to the game. zero. none. nada. and yet i routinely got stuck with scumbag team mates who would be 80+ workers and zero production and zero military and people wonder why i get disgusted when i’m getting 3v1ed and dieing.

so go ahead soumexican - explain why you can’t support your team in that type of situation.
explain why you think it’s okay to keep booming and have nothing else to contribute to the team.

its a complete scumbag move.

furthermore yeah you could sling me back into the game - but will you? you already sacrificed me, why should i expect you to actually contribute to me after that?

furthermore - where is the FUN in that game for me?

I will pick flank in this case, and tell the 2200 player to feed me resources, then i can start my showtime 1v2

if you full boom and you haven’t given a word to your flank before the feudal age you’re doing it wrong.

You gotta let them know you want to take it late and at least give them a chance to secure stone. furthermore if all their stone is forward you need to abort that plan and fight because giving up a player, for any reason is foolish. you lose all the resources, the map space, the trade line in lategame, everything. yeah, you can take it back when you get going, but it’s way easier to coordinate a defense when you still have a foothold and a second player to work with.

if your pocket wants to focus their boom, make sure your initial walls secure your stone and drop defensive towers. towers are criminally underused by flanks and a couple well-placed towers can completely blunt feudal aggression and bide a ton of time without dramatically injuring your economy. one market can turn excess stone into castle age and, by extension, defensive siege, monks, castles, whatever you need to hold.

if your pocket gave you the heads up that your job is to be alive for 30 minutes, you should be capable of managing that. if your pocket assumes that their perfect dark age is worth not communicating just how little help they’re actually going to provide in the midgame, sucks. it’s pretty hot garbage and sometimes, pockets be prickles.

I think it mainly comes down to communication.

Ive had pockets that never say or ping anything and suddenly go “1v2 all the time” “gg”. Often, i dont even have cartho yet.

The problem is that if any pocket gets an uncontested Boom, they will carry the game. So i get why they would try it. But ofc this has to be coordinated with the team.

What i do when i get a good map is asking my pocket if he is fine with me going fc. That way, he can prepare.

This issue isnt related to a specific elo range. It happens everywhere and is really the lack of communication.

I have played once a 3v3 as flank. I got 1v3’d. Ofc i cant beat xbows and knights while on my way to castle age. I asked for help by my allies, who just where booming. Their replay: “Noob, get better. We lost because of you”. How on earth would i be able to defend against 3 players? Is it really that strange to ask for help if gets massively outnumbered? That was an instant rage quit for me. My pocket had no military at all… So who really was the noob in that game?

The lack of communication is really the main reason why playing with randoms is a terrible idea and not really worth it. The other point why you are better of to just not play team games at all are the ratings, with all the issues. Team games are almost never balanced. Those two issues lets me quit teamgames.


This is all. Maybe you can have larger probability of winning, but when the pocket lets you die is frustrating. This has happened to me several times in TGs.

Typically I am flank, but when I am pocket, I never boom in Arabia. In other maps like arena and black forest it is different, even the flank can boom…

Yeah, that is the mean result of the lack of communication. In team games the goal is to win as team. This requires different strategies then just a play 1v1. As team you can become in a winning spot by letting die a player of the team. But if you want to go for such strategy, then you need to communicate this to your team mates. They also need to agree on that strategy. But almost no one want to play as bait for the enemy in a game with randoms. Everyone seems to want the player that carries the team. That is already different in premades. They have much better communication and a much better plan. You play with friends and you know: This time i will be the bait, next time it can be another user. So playing as randoms vs premades will result in this huge difference in play style. That is why premades are much stronger.

So i completely understand the frustration of straydog, but i dont really have a solution to fix team games for this issue.


yes, let assume every players in the game are at the same level

1v2 in the Fedual age is already difficult, even though you have already full wall.
some maps just not easy for you to do a 2nd layer wall up if they are attacking your 1st layer.

when I played with the 2000 to 2200 game, Fast castle okay, when I play with 2400 above with duo team matches, we all know that fast castle will only cause your flanks dead.

And yet you got people like sou who seem to think that it is acceptable for him to just let his flanks die…

it is that mentality alone that i stopped playing team games. many pockets (not all, but many) get this mentality that they can solo the game. I literally had a pocket tell me he was going to sacrifice me so he could free boom longer at the start of the game - so i literally deleted my starting tc and built next to his and let my opponents have all my resources. even sent my sheep there way.

On Hideout I’d just boom 4tc as pocket.

On Arabia, it really depends on my flank’s skill level. If he is a noob (<1250) I let him die, and I just boom to have a chance.

true it is kind sick, I tried to get the pockets before.
But now I play flank in every games, not aiming to win, but to practice myself of ability for 1v2.
Although it failed to do that mostly, but it does improving my skills of quick wall, marco and micro, making my game more intense due to this selfish self boom.

Do you have any ideas about how to stop this selfish boom of pockets?

I propose a change where after you hit castle age you have to maintain a certain amount of military units either in production or on the field and if you aren’t hitting it and are floating resources it starts penalizing your resource collection rate or heck, even auto slings it to your team mates.

i know it would never happen but i’d gladly see something that punishes selfish pockets.

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