What do you think should be the focus of the next dlc for AoE2?

  • North America (Inuit, Iroquois/Hodenosonausee, Algonquinians…)
  • Mesoamerica (Tarascans, Zapotecs, Mixtecs…)
  • South America (Muisca, Chimu, Mapuche…)
  • British Islands (Irish, Welsh, Saxons…)
  • France (Normans, Bretons, Occitans…)
  • Lowlands (Frisians, Flemish, Dutch…)
  • Germany (Saxons, Swabians, Swiss, Austrians/Bavarians…)
  • Iberia (Arragonese, Basque, Andalusians…)
  • Italy (Venetians, Lombards, Papacy…)
  • Scandinavia (Danes, Swedes, Norwegians…)
  • Balkans/Carpathia (Vlachs/Romanians, Serbians, Croatians, Albanians…)
  • Russia (Kievans, Novgorodians, Muscovites…)
  • Pontic Steppe (Kazars, Pechenegs, Avars, Alans…)
  • Caucasus (Georgians, Armenians, Azeri…)
  • Middle East (Bedouins, Yemeni, Kurds, Afghans…)
  • Central Asia (Göktürks, Uzbeks, Uyghurs, Sogdians…)
  • Eastern Steppe (Jurchens, Khitans, Tanguts…)
  • Himalaya (Tibetans, Kashmiri, Nepali…)
  • Northern India (Assamese, Oriya/Kalinga, Maghadi/Gupta…)
  • Southern India (Kannadiga, Sinhalese, Deccani…)
  • South China (Bai, Dali/Nanzhao…)
  • Indochina (Tai/Siamese, Chams, Mon…)
  • Insulindia/Malay split (Javanese, Sundanese, Visayans…)
  • Japan (Ryukyuan, Emishi, Ainu…)
  • Oceania/Pacific (Tongan, Hawaiian, Maori…)
  • North Africa (Touaregs, Vandals, Moroccans…)
  • East Africa (Nubian, Somali, Kanuri…)
  • West Africa (Songhai, Soninke, Yoruba, Jolof, Mossi, Fon, Hausa…)
  • Central/South Africa (Swahili, Congelese, Shona…)
  • Another part of the world (Siberia, Indian Ocean, Antarctic…)
  • Late Antiquity/Early Middle Ages (Vandals, Hephtalites, Göktürks, Maghadi/Gupta…)
  • Late Middle Ages/Early Modern Era (Vlachs/Romanians, Congolese, Siamese, Chimu…)
  • Another time period (High Middle Ages, the future…)
  • Infantry (Swiss, Tarascans, Congolese…)
  • Archers (Welsh, Khitans, Nubians…)
  • Cavalry (Göktürks, Vandals, Yoruba…)
  • Camels (Somali, Touaregs, Tanguts…)
  • Elephants (Tai/Siamese, Chams, Kannadigas…)
  • Siege units (no specific idea…)
  • Ships/Water (Venetians, Javanese, Somali…)
  • Monks/Religion (Papacy, Tibetans, Igbo…)
  • Another theme
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
  • Nothing

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As I had anounced before, here is my new poll for your preferences about the next dlc('s) now that RoR is out. To clear any misunderstanding: This one is specifically about the AoE2 base game, not RoR or any other game mode that may cover another time period or theme.
I would also like to add a reminder that just because an option appear on the poll doesn’t mean that’s what I want in the game. If you wonder why there are so many European (and to a lesser extent Asian) options, it’s because I figured the continent has been so thoroughly covered that if a dlc went back to it now it would need to focus on a very specific region.
That being said, you can use several votes to pick several options at once for the same dlc, so if you want something with for instance the Tibetans, Jurchens and Siamese, just vote “Himalaya”, “Eastern Steppe” and “Indochina” and maybe come talk about it in the thread.
Time period dlc are another idea I had thanks to RoR, and I figured “unit type” dlc’s could also be an option (arguably the cavalry theme dlc has already been covered by the Last Khans). They are not necessarily meant to be mixed with other themes, and I think ideally they should cover civs from distant parts of the world if that was the route the devs wanted to go for.
Finally, I wanted to mention that my next two poll will probably not be about dlc’s specifically.
And with that, I think I’m going back to Sargon’s campaign.


Waka Waka This Time for Africa.


I have to mention I had to recreate the poll because censorship had eaten a jump to the next line and merged to options. If your votes have been canceled, you can vote again.

EDIT: Also I called the Low Countries “Lowlands” because I’m a dumb dumb.


More civs for rome and the missing staff from aoe

AOE2 : periphery of China (Jurchens, Tibetans…)

ROR : Barbarians (Gauls, Germans, Scythians…)


Eastern Steppe and Caucasus.


I would add the “Kyrgyz” in Central Asia.

I should have mentioned that the civs between brackets are just exemples, not necessarily the dlc content. Obviously I couldn’t put everyone (even though I crammed quite a crowd into the West African option and stil managed to forget about the Edo/Benin).

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You need to edit the thread to have two different polls. Right now civ type (Infantry, Cavalry) merged with geographical location (America, Africa).

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Asia DLC: Afghans, Jurchen, Tibetans, Thai
Africa DLC: Kanem, Congo, Swahili, Benin
Orthodox DLC: Serbocroats, Wallachians, Georgians, Armenians
America DLC: Iroquois, Mapuche

That’s kind of on purpose, those themes are still competing with each other and I wanted to be able to tell if people still wanted mostly region focused dlc or were open to new ideas, such as dlc with a time period or type of unit as its main theme. Maybe I should have included the dlc type in the name, but with all the civs in brackets each option would have been even longer. I don’t really want to edit the thread now, as everyone would have to vote again and I think many people would not bother. I have to point out though that the options only appear merged once you’ve voted, and you can still switch to “show votes” instead of “show results” to have a cleaner version.

Perhaps they can sell good immersive stories. Next dlc could be a campaign pack dlc, with a fair price.

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That’s also a possibility, but considering all previous dlc contained campaigns AND civs, I don’t think they would cut either out.

There are still plenty of civ in the game that have no campaign (like the Chinese or Persians) or that have one of that doesn’t really fit them (Byzantines with Bari or Magiars and Slavs with Dracula). I think it would be great if those civ can finally have their own campsign as well. Some candidates I thought:

Turks: Mehmed II
Romans: Majorian
Slavs: Vladimir the Great
Magyars: Matthias Corvinus
Vykings: Canute the Great

And some historical battles like the Battle on the Ice for the Slavs, Varna for the Turks (as a prelude scenario to both Mehmet and Matthias campaigns, as their respective fathers fought there)


I agree, but those campaigns could very well come out together with a region focused dlc, just like Longshanks or Algidas and Kestutis did. For instance, Matthias and/or Mehmed could come in a Balkan dlc.


Okay. I don’t understand your previous comment then.

I am waiting since the HD version for the Armenians. Please Devs, let me have them. After that I am hoping for Siam and Tibet and a lot from Africa.


I noticed the censorship problem as soon as the poll was posted, so I hopefully edited it fast enough so that no one’s vote had been deleted.
I’m not sure I answer correctly, as I don’t really understand how the parts of my messages that you quote relate to each other…

Louis of Hungary would be the best campaign for Magyars. Hunyadis are from the 15th, in which Hungary had one of the best gunpowder armies in all of Europe, while Magyars don’t get any gunpowder in the game.

Louis was a remarkable ruler who battled many nations:
Wallachia, Serbia and Golden Horde after he ascended the throne
Kingdom of Naples, perhaps represented by Sicilians in the game
Started the Balkanic Wars against Bulgaria, Wallachia, Moldavia and Bosnia
Defeated the Venetians several times over the Croatian coast
Fought the Ottoman-Bulgarian alliance later
Defeated Lithuania over Galycia, this was ignored in the Lithuanian campaign

The Tarascans should be an Archer civilization, they defeated the Aztecs because their bows out ranged the Aztec Atlatl.