Which factions do you think should be added to West Africa

  • Aja (Kingdom of Adra)
  • Akan/Ashanti (Kingdom of Bonoman)
  • Bamum (Kingdom of Bamum)
  • Dagomba (Kingdom of Dagbon)
  • Edo/Benin (Kingdom of Benin)
  • Fon (Kingdom of Dahomey)
  • Fula/Fulani (Kingdom of Takrur, Empire of Great Fulo)
  • Hausa (Kingdom of Kano…)
  • Igbo (Kingdom of Nri)
  • Jolof (Jolof Empire)
  • Kanembu/Kanuri (Kanem-Bornu Empire)
  • Maba/Wadai (Wadai Empire)
  • Mandara (Mandara Kingdom)
  • Mossi (Mossi Kingdom)
  • Nupe (Nupe Confederation)
  • Sao/Kotoko (Kotoko Kingdom)
  • Serer (Kingdom of Sine, Kingdom of Saloum)
  • Songhai (Gao Empire, Songhai Empire)
  • Soninke/Ghana [Malians] (Ghana Empire)
  • Tuareg [Berbers] (Kingdom of the Hoggar, Sultanate of Agadez)
  • Yoruba (Ife Empire, Oyo Empire, Kingdom of Whydah)
  • All of them!
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
  • Other(s)
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Also, how many of those civs would you like to see in game?

  • 1-2
  • 3-4
  • 5-6
  • 7+
  • None
  • I don’t know
  • I don’t care
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Ok, this poll may look like a repeat of my old African poll, but I think it may actually be interesting. If you look at the results of the previous poll I mentioned, you will notice that the top 5 most requested civs are overwhelmingly from East and Central/South Africa (Shona, Nubians, Congolese, Swahili and Somalis). According to another of my polls about what should be the focus of the next dlc, those two areas are also in the top 5 while West Africa barely reaches the 6th position. This is despite, or maybe because of, this part of the continent having most probably the highest density of possible new civs. Thus, I was curious to see what the results would be if we limited the scope of the poll to this specific area.
As usual, I’m not an expert, I may have missed or forgotten something, I don’t necessarily want all the civ in the poll to be added to the game, and please be civil in your discussions.


Surprised no one talked here lol. West Africa is kinda complicated because (outside of the gulf of guinea) all nations there were very focused on cavalry

I have to say the results are quite surprising, so far the Soninke are relatively low and the Hausa are higher than what I expected.

Kano is really of this era. Like we see in today, the muslim jihadi which was present for Mali and Kano.
Besides that we really miss a Pagan civilization like Edo, Songhai, Yoruba, Igbo.
I would love to see Tuareg too but they’re kind of already in the game.

I think it may be because Mali can be interpreted as a successor/retread of Soninke-Ghana, and the Hausa have been popularized by AOE3

I’m more interested in seeing Southern or Central African representation in AoE2 now, but if I had to pick from West Africa, it would be one of the coastal forest kingdoms. I feel they stand out more from the Malians than another Sahelian civilization (e.g. the Soninke) would.

I voted for Soninke and Hausa.

The Sundiata campaign would be so much better if the player fought the Soninke instead of the Ethiopians :wink:.

The Mali Empire arose from the fall of the Ghanaian empire and the Hausa in AoE 3 symbolize the Kano Sultanate (1385-1805) and the Sokoto Caliphate (1810-1903), although Queen Amina symbolizes the kingdom of Zazzau, which It was a Hausa kingdom and the Hausa had existed in the region since the 8th century…

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Maybe, but in my previous poll with the whole continent (published half a year after the release of African Royals), Soninke ranked higher than Yoruba and Hausa. Hausa was also lower than Kanuri. So I’m more surprised about those changes than those rankings in isolation.
I also noticed that if we only take West Africa into account, we have the same six civs in the top 6, but not in the same order…

So do I, but the question about which Central and South African civs are more expected or requested is less suspenseful and doesn’t really need a poll. Shona, Congolese and Swahili win by a large margin.

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Let those civs put in and that’s it… there you already have enough representation in South Africa…