What do you think the civs will be

  • Baltic (Poles and Danes)
  • Southern Africa (Kongo, Rozvi, Shona, Zulu etc.)
  • East Asia (Korea, Siam etc.)
  • New World (Brazil, argentina, etc.)
  • Middleeast (Persia, Oman, morocco, etc.)
  • Oceania/Pacific/south east asia (Maori etc.)
  • “Forgotten” (a mixture of civs from across the world)
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Pleas tell me if you think i forgot something even if i can’t add it, also what your hopes and dreams are for this DLC.


i think an aom themed list. egypt, greeks, danes. any combination thereof.


Something I could see actually working would be Poland and Persia. I think a lot of people like the European civs and a lot of people want non-European civs (don’t shoot the message please, it’s just the way things are).

Both had contact with the Ottoman Empire (as far as I’m aware) and so that could tie them together a bit. Poland could be a fairly vanilla cavalry civ with Winged Hussars and Persia could have some less vanilla mechanics.

I think Poland and Persia have been two of the longest requested civs, or at least probably the most popular two (even if from different parts of the player base). Putting them together would (in my non professional opinion) result in a fairly high buy rate compared to curtain other sets. If you go for two European civs I think a curtain group of people are just unlikely to buy it. But if you go for two civs with very unique mechanics I think another part of the player base will be put off.

Pairing them would seem to me like a good way to keep everyone happy. People might buy it for Poland and get Persia or for Persia and get Poland, but theoretically that means lots of people are buying it?

Anyway, just my 2 cents. We’ll probably get two from the same region like most other expansions have been.


Bad grouping. Poll should be organized by level of priority for civilizations.

Maybe more of a mixture of the popular choices (Poles and Persians) without a dedicated theme, as “the best selling expansion ever” has shown that people do not care about whether expansions have coherent themes or not.

EDIT: when I come to think about it, The Conquerors only had a very loose theme too. But since TWC almost all expansions have centered on specific regions and themes.


that would be “forgotten”.

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I want Polynesia or Persia but I know we’re gonna get Liechtenstein.


Eu votei nas civilizações do Oriente Médio como o tema do próximo DLC…
Muitas pessoas também esperam por civilizações do Leste da Ásia ou da África, mas e se por um momento, os desenvolvedores surpreendessem todos nós com uma civilização nativa da América do Sul (algo como Guaranis) e outra da América do Norte… Para mim seria uma boa surpresa.

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We’ll get more than 1 civ, though how many do you think we’ll actually get?

2 would be the sensible choice.

3-4 - I think I woudl have a meltdown!

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Two just like KOTM and TAR dlc.


You forgot the " Cut contend " vote D:


Someone knows what’s up!


Liechtenstein confirmed?! (Lol, I know it’s a joke, but I love that we got a dev joking!) gg wp @M00Z1LLA and @tilanus


I’m not the biggest fan of the fact that native american civs aren’t an option on this list. While I don’t necessarily feel confident enough to say that will be what’s added, a PNW native tribe like the Haida would be what I’d like to see the most at the very least. I don’t want the assumption only post-colonial states are the only option for further new world civs.

in this context they would fall under “new world”, i probably should have added a native civ to parentheses. honestly kinda just blacked out on any civ ideas for the natives, idk mapuchu?

Many of us would love to see more native Americans, especially PNW tribes.


Iron confederancy i heard good stuff about for it being a civ


Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Andorra & San Marino to join Maltese civ?


I’m for all civs, but before we get new civs how about updating and fixing the problems with the Current civs.

Like I said, Haida would be my most wanted civ that isn’t currently in the game. I’d think they’d fill a niche not represented by other native civs, such as having actual naval content one can draw inspiration from (they had cannon canoes, which would be very unique and give them a niche no other native civ has on water!), some incredibly aesthetic wooden armor which actually had limited bulletproof functionality against earlier firearms which would easily give them a unique role compared to other natives again (more heavily armored infantry that are more tanky), also readily adopted gunpowder so you can incorporate them in the later ages, etc etc. I went with the Haida in particular since they had a reputation of being aggressive/militaristic even compared to neighboring tribes, predating Columbian contact, which feels appropriate for a game mostly focused on warfare. They also aren’t represented as a minor tribe, so there’s no need to awkwardly replace a minor tribe like all of the other ones added so far.

Mapuche though, I’d love that too. I’ll admit I was only introduced to them due to Civ VI, as I’m simply not knowledgable of non-Incan South American natives in general. But the more I learn about them, the more I find their history of continuous resistance fascinating, and I can easily see them working too. Would have to replace the minor civ with something though, and I wouldn’t even know where to begin with that.