What do you think would bring more players to age of empires 3 de?

Don’t think so. Another thing would first introduce a deep tutorial to the card system, second reduce the number of cards. The purpose is the player base augmentation and balance. You know there are still things broken in the game like the US Gatling, the Japanese Daimyo, and more OP stuff (need to nerf those things), the card system is pretty hard to balance too.

These suggestions are so bad that are causing me pysichal pain… Please stop trying to ruin AoE 3 with aoe2/4 crap… Card system is not hard to balance, card system is among the best mechanics in any RTS, if aoe 4 need speed bonus for attacking units then that show that its base deisgn isn’t great and shouldn’t be taken as inspiration for AoE 3, the trade post are fine as they are, no need to make it a carbon copy of the worse trade mechanic in aoe 2, no need to rework heroes units as they are also part of the uniqueness of each civ…
Please, stop trying to murder AoE 3 with awful suggestions, AoE 3 doesn’t need anything of what you said, it just need actual players that know about it and want to learn it, not “players” that doesn’t want put even the slightest effort to improve or get a victory, and instead want everything watered down so they can have easy win to inflate their own ego


Great suggestions. To follow up:

  • Change the graphics to 2D
  • Give all civs the same unit sets
  • Make farms depleted after a few minutes
  • Use additive values to calculate the counter calculation not multipliers
  • Make the map diamond shaped
  • Change the setting to medieval

First thing I would do is port it to Xbox like 2&4. maybe put the AoE games on PlayStation too? This idea of removing card system and stuff to attract more players it really stupid that would destroy the game and not bring players anyway. AoE 2players like 2 and wouldn’t play it anyway if you made it similar to aoe 2 and why would you want to make it like AoE 4 in fact AoE 4 has been taking stuff from AoE 3 and then they act like it is something new.


“Yeah let’s make another AOE2 so people from AOE2 will come and play it”

I’d love to see AOE2 players’ opinion of some game who tried so hard to advertise itself as another AOE2. (A game that actually only has an AOE2 skin, in its core an AOM, and becoming more and more AOE3, though you never see the latter two names in its advertising).


That would not be great for Microsoft, but I get the point.
AOE running on everything like Doom would be awesome!
Yep, you are right the Ottoman Imperial Council system is brought to us from AOE 3 and it works great!
Is a lightweight version of the card system that I really think would be better for both players and devs in AOE 3 as well!

You are wrong my friend!
AOM setting is Myth hahaha XD
AOE4 is anything like AOM
Is more like a modernized version of AOE2 with some AOE3 features like the new Ottoman’s Imperial Council system!

hahaha lol!

Yep, that would be great! XD

I’m talking about game mechanics not setting.

The core design of branched upgrade options. The way projectiles work. The overall scale of units and buildings.
These are all more similar to AOM than any other AOE games.


Too be honest, nothing much can be done, atleast in terms of game additions. Only thing I see might help is to market it more so that fans of rts get to know it but even that I dont really think will work.

This is one of those times when a thread that could have provided some excellent suggestions has been completely derailed by atrocious ones. What a waste.


Hahaha lol XD!
Sorry about giving you pain

As you can see, all of these are only SUGGESTIONS, nothing more!
The Devs take the last decisions.

By the way, I really think a lightweight version of the card system would be better for both players and devs and is only a SUGGESTION.

The stuff I would change the most is the build limit, the pop cap, and the overall balance.

On unit speed, you are wrong here. I really think units should sprint on attack (like they do in AOE4), and the heroes/explorer rework could be done by giving them a unique buff system to military units like Griots or General for all civs instead of being just explorers!

Just F***ing ADVERTISE the game.

Make more posts about it.

Make more memes about it instead of all the wololo crap.

Just ADVERTISE the game the same way as AoE2/4 is advertised.


I think it is more because of a recent sale.
Besides the peak at release, the number has been pretty stable (3000-5000) for two years. That’s already a gain because players naturally gradually leave.
Considering people do not play the game 24 hours every day, I guess there should be a few tens of thousands of constant players. That’s approximately the scale of this game’s potential audience.

But there are also players who do not stick around because the game does not have enough sp contents (like AOE2) to make them do, and will come back (for a while) when there are new contents, if you just want a player number peak.

Yep think the same!
The thing that the game was banned from Red Bull Wololo’s tournament is just a shame!

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I think almost the same!
The thing is the graphics don’t look cartoony either, is the mix of contrast, light, and color that Relic chose
Agree with you on how the unit/building ratio is just bad, this change was driven by pro players and esports-related stuff!

Just look how better the Unit/Building proportions are in AOE3

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Make the game’s Editor and tools more robust and inviting. Player-generated content is what made games like WC3 and SC2 eternal, even without patches or DLC for years.


I can give you mine if you want, as I play aoe 2 (and enjoy it).

When I play aoe3, I am happy to see & update my home city decks, and I am happy to see aoe 3 graphics and civ specific units.
When I play aoe2, I am happy not have no deck and have a common tech tree with only 1 (or 2) unique unit.

I didn’t like it when the devs want to added to many unique units, buildings, and aoe 3 features like revolution, units shipment & unit stances.
And I wouldnt like it if the devs removed the decks and unique units from aoe 3 to make it like aoe2.

I can imagine that making aoe 3 more like aoe 2 might increase the overall player base (more newcomers than leavers), but I dont know whether I would still play aoe3 if it became another aoe2.

I guess the “best” way to increase the game popularity would be by:

  • adding and improving SP content (campaigns)
  • adding highly requested civs
  • making it a few more time free with xbox pass
  • financing some tournaments, helping content creators
  • improving the replay UI to make it easier to cast games or watch replays (maybe this one is more my wish than a good way to increase popularity)

More single player content would really help bring new players to the game and allow them to learn the basics.

Doing some free to play weekends and ACTUALLY ADVERTISING them would introduce many new players.

The matchmaking menu could also use an overhaul. It never saves your search settings so you have to manually hide private games every time. The filters are also terrible. You can’t just filter to see only supremacy games or search by team game size. The system for inviting friends is also way worse than the original game.

Other quality of life updates are way overdue. You can’t rearrange decks yet! It would also be great if there was an in game way to share decks or see ones that pros use would be extremely useful for learning that system. Making the in game compendium as comprehensive as Dori’s website would also be huge.


en cuanto contenido SP habia pensado en algunas campañas y batallas historicas:
The Story of a Great Captain: Story of Don Gonzalo Fernandes de Cordoba, the father of the Spanish Tercios, the campaign would be set in the Italian Wars. (Campaign of the Spanish)

The Lion of the North: Story of Gustavus Adolphus II of Sweden during the 30 Years War and his constant combat against the Holy Roman Empire and Commander Wallenstein. (Campaign of the Swedes)

A Boy Born for War: History of Napoleon Bonaparte and his rise in the French Army until his Coronation as Emperor of France, the campaign could end with the Battle of Waterloo. (Campaign of the French)

The Eagle Perched on the Temple: History of Cuauthtémoc and His Battle Against the Tlaxcalan Tribes and the Spanish Conquistadors. (Campaign of the Aztecs, I know it’s in aoe 2 but I wonder how it will look here xd)

Now Historical Battles (I have thought of 6)

Battle of Cartagena de Indias: Inferior Spanish troops in Number face against an army superior in number and strength of British combat, led by Admiral Vernon. Civ protagonist: Spaniards. Civ Antagonist: English

Battle of Maule: The Mapuche Troops Face the Inca Empire in the vicinity of the Maule River to prevent the advance of their empire to the south. Civ Protagonist: Mapuches. Antagonist Civ: Incas.

Battle of Poltava: The powerful Swedish Army has not stopped its advance into Russia, and Tsar Peter hopes to put an end to Charles XII’s expansionist ancestors in Poltava. Civ protagonist: Russians. Civ Antagonist: Swedes

Siege of Rhodes: The Knights Templar after being expelled from the Middle East are entrenched on the island of Rhodes, Soliman the Magnificent seeks to conquer the island on behalf of the Ottoman Empire. Civ Protagonist: Ottomans. Civ Antagonist: Maltese.

Siege of Paris: The Prussian army and its allies finally managed to lay siege to the city of Paris, this being the last obstacle to victory, and therefore the German unification that Otto Von Bisckmark yearns for so much. Civ Protagonist: Germany. Civ Antagonist: French.

Portuguese conquest of Goa: While the Ottoman Empire loses its positions in asia, Admiral Alfonzo de Albuquerque ventures into the Indies in search of new conquests for his king. Protagonist Civ: Portuguese (Indian, Dravidian allies): Antagonistic Civ: Ottoman Empire (Indian allies, ####### Sultanate)