What do you think would bring more players to age of empires 3 de?

any idea? the base of players doesnt have an important increasement
comment anything that would make new players come and stay splaying for years


Sinceramente, más contenido single player, y quizas más modos de juego (como regicida, que solo esta en un mapa)


Apparently whatever the devs are doing is working. This January had more players on steam than 2 years ago, a few months after the game came out.


Sp contents like campaigns.


This is true.

3DE is averaging 5000+ players on weekdays just on steam, weekends 6000+.

6 months ago it would just barely scratch 5000 on weekends.

I think the Anniversary patch has played a big factor here. If the spring update is anything like the previous one then we’re gonna be in even better shape. The momentum is on our side.

The players and the devs have done their part, now it’s up to World’s Edge to greenlight more support and content.


This is the same reply as I post in New Ideas for AOE 3 thread

Very nice ideas here!
Read a few of them and are very interesting and would definitely improve the game!

Playing more AOE4 I feel that it would be needed to add a speed bonus on units while attacking or being queued on attack move/ground like the units do in that game.

I would change the shipment system to being optional or change it to the Ottomans Imperial Council Vizier Points, or simply remove this system from the game. I know this is a bit controversial but I think it would be easier for newcomers and AOE 2/4 players to play it.

Another would-be change the trading post experience/bonus/military production to a resource exchange one. I know there is a late resource exchange but it would be great being able to trading with allies and natives

A hero explorer rework for all civs like a mix of the general/ El padre of US/Mexico and the khan/mehter of Mongols/Ottomans in AOE 4 respectively.

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mais canais no youtube como o do aussie drongo no começo

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Well, they should pump more of those DLC coming. We still don’t have the Safavid Empire, Italy should be fragmented to Republic of Venice, Kingdom of Naples, Republic of Genoa, etc.

  • Revamped audio and sounds
  • Build limits removed
  • Collection points added (i.e., mines, lumbercamps)
  • GoPro cam removed from Explorer when he dies… err, when he falls to the ground
  • Structures and walls that aren’t made of cardboard
  • GoPro cam removed from the train (as I recall, the train gives you LOS?)
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en otras palabras sugieres que masacren el aoe 3 y lo conviertan en aoe 4, no? por que quitar la metropolis cambiar las rutas de comercio y hacer a todos los heroes iguales serian cambios pesimos a mi parecer.


Tal vez mapas más aleatorios, que los jugadores aparezan en espejo es muy predecible y un poco repetitivo. Claro que harían falta mapas un poco más grandes


Without any irony - a console port. After playing AoE 2’s Xbox version I imagined how well Age 3 would play on console considering it’s eco wise much simpler than the other Age games.


Much like the German split, I don’t want an Italian split (which in my opinion makes far less sense than the German one). I’d rather have more unique civs from all over world. Even just in Europe I could name a dozen civs I’d like to see before splitting the Italians. So Italy is fine for me as it is now.

Agreed on the Persians though. They should be added to the game asap.


If the home city, trade routes and other unique mechanics of the game are removed, you will basically destroy this game and almost all players will leave forever, and for nothing, since most aoe2 players will never want to play this game, even if it becomes a poor clone of aoe2.


This proposition will result in the opposite, this is digging the grave of AOE3.

The best they can do is maybe introduce a game mode or kind of challenge where you can’t send cards.


Congratulation, you killed AoE 3… Lets keep the bad stuff aoe 4 has there thanks… Card system is among the best mechanicus this game has

Build limits are needed for balance
Collection points are just an useless mechanic that make the game a chore and add nothing to it
This isn’t an issue
Structures and walls aren’t made of cardboard already
Train give you LoS yes, and it isn’t an issue

Now, what i think is needed is a bit of marketing, lots of people don’t know that AoE 3 exist, and how much it is unique and how much it has improved on AoE base mechanics… It also has a special setting, which is the gunpowder age, people need to know that such a game exist and that it is amazing


Add Brazil and they will come.


Where to start? If I were to pick one, either performance tweaks so players at least dont have to restart the game after a period of time. Imagine being a noob and not knowing why your game is suddenly unplayable after a few games. After that, probably a complete UI overhaul. Everything about it from the game browser, the ranks, friends system, status of players to settings menu (mainly the hotkey section) and so many more things are absolutely atrocious, especially for new players playing the game for the first time. Obviously the mountain of bugs that are continue to build up and not get fixed after years would be nice to clean up too, e.g games not showing in the game broswer when you first launch the game, right now you have to spam refresh until something comes up otherwise its just blank. Again new players wont know wtf is happening and why their game doesnt work.

Theres so many things. Not having the ability to reconnect to a game, the spectator experience and casting is terrible etc. The list is so long that its kinda pointless putting it all in one thread.


No me cachaste. El objetivo es hacer que la base de jugadores aumente. Podria tambien reducirse el numero de cartas y dar un tutorial de como usar el sistema. Lo que veo esque es complicado tambien el balance del juego por esto mismo pero ayudaria bastante reducir el numero de cartas al menos para que sea más fácil el balance.

Los heroes no serian todos iguales sino al contrario. Lo que quiero decir esque deberian ser más útiles como El General/El padre o El Khan/Mehter que dan bonificación a las unidades, no que sea un simple explorador porque en primeras edades te sirve, ya luego no es muy relevante su uso que digamos.

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Dont think so. The purpose is the player base augmentation and balance.
You know there is still things broken in the game like the US Gatling, the Japanese Daimyo
and more OP stuff (need to nerf those things), the card system is pretty hard to balance too.

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