What do you want for a new DLC

New DLC provide mostly new civ but is it what you want ?
I didn’t buy the last DLC because I don’t beleive that more civ is better. I will be please to buy the next DLC if it’s provide something I want.
What make you buy the new DLC?

  • Keeping server alive
  • Security patch
  • Bug patch
  • New civ
  • New trigger
  • New hotkey
  • New animation
  • New skin
  • New hero
  • New campaign
  • New cheatcode
  • New mod
  • Visual improvment
  • Better translation
  • Increase the number of player in a game
  • New game mode (death match…)
  • New map
  • New achievement

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Other ideas (I can’t update the poll):

  • new common units and techs
    And comment with stuff that you don’t want in new dlc.
    I beleive that dev need to know more what we want

Translation are very bad in french at the point I went back on forgotten for month because I didn’t find the way to desactive the inertia when you move the camera and I beleive that they was no way to desactivate it.

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Il faudrait peut-être annoncer les problèmes de traduction dans la section bug du forum.

J’ai pas mal l’impression qui faut leur annoncer les problèmes car les développeur n’ont pas trop la tendence de controller les erreurs du jeu eux-même.

Si je me doute pas, on devrait pouvoir les désactiver sous options.

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Oui, j’ai trouvé après que j’ai découvert que c’etait possible. Comme la traduction était un non sens, je ne pensais pas que c’etait un probleme de traduction.
Le plus étrange est que google traduction n’aurait pas foiré pour traduire “moving inertia” en inertie de mouvement".


Wow. Complicated poll alert.

Most people just want the game to be more stable - less buggy. And of course a fix to the TG ELO system. No way that we need more civs.

The community often gives feedback that nothing seems to happen after in game reports are logged. So increased activity here would help.


Most of these things shouldn’t be sold as DLC content. I think the way to go should be:
A few more DLCs with the pattern of the last two DLCs, i.e. two new civs from less covered regions and three campaigns. Other than that I could imagine DLCs containing architecture sets, unique castles, campaigns only etc… With the money they make out of these DLCs they should continue to improve the game, fix bugs, implement new features like the ones you listed and pay server costs.


+1 to this. People should never pay for fixes only useful new content.


for me absolutely new skin. how cool would be to finally have a clear difference between Malians, Teutons, Chinese, and Mayans? otherwise all civs feels so generic to me since most of the time the unique unit is not even good or suitable for a particular strategy so you are basically playing with generic tools all the time

at lest a visual minor change would be very refreshing, i would personally pay gladly a lot for a DLC like that


Me too! I prefer to pay for 2 new skins for civ than 2 new civ with their own skin.

Yeah, most of these aren’t really DLC selling points (you literally say a bug or security patch).

Don’t play campaigns, but it’s something I’d expect to go hand in hand with new civs, and I’d like for an African DLC to also bring new skins to villagers and other standard units, if only for the skin colour. Same logic goes for other regions in the game too.

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You may not be able to edit the poll directly without losing all previous answers, but personally I would have added new common units and techs. It’s been a while since we didn’t get any of those.


Like the new “Supply” tech introduced in DE?

Well, yeah… We got two dlc since then with only regional or unique units/techs, so I stand my ground x)

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One problem I see is that we are already running out of slots in the buildings without going to page two. Stable is so full that the SL lancer upgrades and BE upgrades both share the same slot.

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You like to turn every idea requiring new design choices into an impassable barrier, don’t you?

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Hey im just stating my observation, its not my fault the game has so many things now xD.

Well, it may be problematic regarding units (though a second page isn’t the end of the world, and some buildings have more room than others), but techs is quite a different story. I don’t think any of the military building has a full line of techs (the siege workshop actually has none) and there’s still plenty of room in the town center, university, blacksmith, etc.

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I don’t think adding a new slot in the page 1 of UI is a hard thing to do.

For some reason this slot doesn’t work:
Neither upgrade nor unit icon placed here is selectable in-game.

its hardcoded I think as its the next button slot to go to the second page of the building.
Also if you have the players set to huns and do the castle tech the empty slot below the lc upgrade becomes the stable tarken slot.

Barracks still has 2 slots left.I hope the devs fixes the issue where the barrack huskarl overwrites the eagle someday.

Arechery range has one slot free.