What does royal guard mean?


It just means that unit for that Civilization gets a 40% increase instead of 30% when upgraded in Industrial Age that’s why it’s also more expensive.


how much more expensive? is the one that cost 1000 wood and 1000 gold?

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Yeah, it cost 1,000 gold / wood and it says 10% in the barracks which always confused me instead of it saying the 40% for being a Royal Guard unit. I barely found that out when I was snooping through the steam discussions… It’s definitely worth it in cost since you don’t have to ship a Home City card for that 10% boost in stats but rather pay a 400 gold / wood.

it says 10% instead of 40%? is bugged? is the iu wrong?


then this should say 40%?

It should… It’s always said 10% since vanilla which confused me as well and at times I wouldn’t purchase the upgrade saving the resources for something else when in a intense game. If you compared other units like a Redcoat to a regular musket you’ll see a difference in base unit stats without any other Home City card.

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the description is right, but is confusing.

because it says “set guard to active” and also says “+10%”. what most people dont realize is that “setting to guard” means +30%, so it does say +30 and +10… but in a weird way.

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jeje yes, we are not programmers we are players. All this that say " set to active" should be spoken in a understable way

it assumes you get guard upgrade, AKA you get a 30% boost from guard upgrade, and then on top of that you get another 10%.

i wonder how 2005 devs though that we gonna know this just by reading status guard upgrade set to active(if you have the patience to read everything). Its so much easier and understable to just write numbers.