What I would love to see in the upcoming AOE4 Patch

Horsemen get 1 pierce armor

Underperforming. Adding some ranged armour should make the Horsemen more reliable against their intended countered unit, the archer. Currently they do not really serve their intended purpose.

Overperforming.The current Meta with Springalts, a unit intended to counter siege is succeeding their role of countering enemy artillery but also everything else. I would like to see them do 1/3rd less damage against units that are not artillery so they perform their intended purpose as a specific anti siege unit.

French Royal knights Chivalry Upgrade.
Limited counterplay, overperforming, poorly designed or perhaps bugged.
A unit that is healing or taking a break should have to be still and out of combat. Attacking a villager line and running away to heal should have counterplay, and this counterplay could be achieved by counter harassing the Royal knights with spears or horsemen. This is currently not viable as the knight just runs away while healing, ready to raid again with limited counterplay. Healing while moving could be extended to the castle age as a separate upgrade keeping French’s focus on strong cavalry.

English Longbowmen Set-up Camp Upgrade

Overperforming. Poorly designed or perhaps bugged.
Similar to the Royal Knights healing, make it so these units have to be still, not attacking or being attacked. Out of combat. Making more sense of being in a set-up camp.

French Hulk.
Limited counterplay. The Hulk ship does not have a reliable counter in the Feudal age, making the French the only viable faction in a competitive match on water. Moving this to the Castle age would open up much more civ diversity and add a much more diverse game on water maps.

Mongol TownCentre rush Removed entirely.

Not much else to say about this. I don’t think this is intended.

Prelate more reliable.

Does not seem to reliably automatically inspire, I don’t think this is intended.


Reducing the projectile speed of these should allow a player to move infantry units before a volley of three of these completely wipes out a ground army. Also indirectly puts more emphasis on springalts to counter these, making the siege meta more prevalent. I would prefer to see the siege units more relevant in the imperial age opposed to castle age.

Just one guy’s opinion. Anyone agree or dissagree, anything they would like to see?


Increased pop cap and advanced unit commands.

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The patch tomorrow is just fixing bugs I don’t think we will see balance changes.

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Yeah, if I am understanding correctly, this patch is going to fix the Mongol TC speed but and some other various things.

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I agree. Especially when we talk about civs without Knights or Man At arms in Age 2. For example Delhi. We saw how Viper abused Men at Arms as English vs Delhi. Chinese and Delhi have no way to deal with armored units in Age 2. We saw some Delhi play but no one bothered with the Chinese.

Agreed. Similar to the Knight, the best answer to this unit is the unit itself. I suggest lowering its damage to 40 or 35 and increasing its bonus damage to siege so that it deals the same damage vs Siege but performs worse against other units. 60 damage per shot is too strong.

You know something is wrong when masses of Longbows are played vs Mangonels. You can always heal Longbows. This upgrade needs to get fixed. Longbows must be unable to benefit from this upgrade for some time. The way it works right now is that every Longbow has a cooldown on the ability, but that doesn’t matter with 20 Longbowmen.

Agreed. This thing itself makes all non-French civs obsolete on water maps and we have seen this time and time again in the tournament. Players save their french pick on the Water map.

Yep. This will happen soon.

This is likely the reason why we have seen no one play HRE so far. HRE is in a much better place than the Chinese at the moment but its held back by bugs.

I don’t agree on this one. With how strong Springalds are, overinvesting into Mangonels can be a huge trap. Yes Mangonels are strong, but you can split units via formations. You can absolutely use a lot of units to an unlucky shot. But combat in Aoe4 is quite slow, so its nice to have some “explosive” and tense moments.

I would like to add that:

Chinese need buffs desperately. They earlygame was nerfed too hard. They used to start with +2 villagers, then this bonus was removed. They used to start with +100 food instead of +2 vills, this was removed aswell.

Chinese have the worst Landmarks in the entire game. Their Landmarks need buffs.

  • The Kremlin is superiour to the Barbican of the sun against every enemy with 3 or less armor.
  • The Imperial Academy’s best use is being able to upgrade officials to carry 40 gold. Officials should be able to carry more gold as it is.
  • The Age IV Wonder Spirit way is completely useless unless you spend ressources on a Dynasty and you are never going to build Zhuge Nu in Age IV anyway. This is easily the worst Landmark in the entire game.
  • The Great Wall Gatehouse is a boring bonus thats just gimmicky and not useful. Getting a Keep like other civs get would be much better.

Tax collection has issues and is unreliable. The 30 second cooldown to select tax from one building needs to be lowered.

Here is a link talking about Chinese issues in more detail:

The Dynasty system is a trap. Anything other than Song Dynasty is a giant waste of ressources. Think about Abbasids and their unique upgrades, then look at how much Chinese has to pay for unique Dynasty bonuses.

Whats worse is you, lose these bonuses. You also lose access to special units and buildings! This should not be the case.

Its not worth to spend 1800 ressources and then another 250 wood per granary just to have some 15% gather rate increase on food. Meanwhile, Abbasids pay about 700 ressources in Age 3 for the same bonus. This is such an easy example yet is perfectly summarized how overpriced. the Dynasty bonuses/unlocks are.

Chinese need a way to deal with Armored units in Age 2. Zhuge Nu are too weak for their price, they even lose to Archers in direct combat because they have lower range. Zhuge Nu should have an upgrade to be strong against Armored units in Age 3.

You don’t need a unit that is good against Spearmen. You already have Archers. Zhuge Nu are useless against Knights and Men at Arms.

The Nest of Bees has multiple bugs. And its worse than a Mangonel. See this Link:

Palace Guards are the worst Men at Arms in the game. They don’t work with -1 armor. Other civs have not only unique upgrades but also ways to make their Man At Arms run fast.

Man At arms need their area of effect attack every 7th attack back. Increase their armor by 1. Lower their speed. They need to go back to their pre-stress test status. I have no idea why they they were nerfed so hard.

See this link for a summary:

The Granaries are bad and Tax collection has multiple issues. See these discussed here:

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Yes I think you are right this is just what I would like to see rather than what is realistic within the next patch. Perhaps in the future with regards to what was seen in the recent tournament we can see some reasonable changes come into effect. I personally don’t think the siege meta for example should be used in every game, I would much rather see core units like men at arms, spears knights archers countering each other and have that decide the fights rather than a couple of mangonel shots wiping whole ground armies or overwealming springalt numbers countering everything.

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