What if monks could inspire units?

When units are in close proximity to monks let’s say like about 10 tiles. They gain plus 1/1 armor. Now in addition to healing/conversion, monks provide strength for your units.

How much of a difference in the battlefield would it be gaining plus 1/1 armor for all your units close to the monk?

To make this somewhat more balanced it probably should be locked behind a technology in the monastery. And perhaps not every civilization has access to it.


Monks are fine as it is also this would make the gimmick of the roman uu generic.


Honestly, I always though that an aura mechanic around the monks is more logical than monks converting buildings.
Idk if defense is the correct target, maybe attack, RoF or listen this: all units inside the aura gain a «second life» after die. This mean resurrecting with 1 hp.

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A slight attack speed boost would be the most logical for a morale boost.

But monks already can be very potent, they can convert units, even powerful ones like knights or elephants, in the middle of battle. I don’t know about you, but being on a medieval battlefield swinging my axe while some arrows are whistling around my ears wouldn’t be the time I’m the most receptive about hearing about Jesus :upside_down_face: So I don’t think they need an aura effect.


This is a necromancer not a holy man.


This is a terrible idea that make monk as a necromancer

If I remember correctly then initially it was planned that monk holding a relic will give nearby units stat boost.
It would be cool thing to be used in campaigns and scenarios.

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Yeah haha… I hope not.

The aura mechanics (including the folwark and Celts’ castles, but even more so the Centurion) are perhaps the worst additions to the game in term of mechanics. Even worse than the shrivamsha shield.


i feel like the celt’s stronghold is niche enough that it doesn’t matter but i agree with the rest. these are just bad mechanics


Trying to be objective, conversion is more fanciful than an inspire aura.

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Luckily the Centurion do not exist in rank game

Romans will be added to ranked after some time. Which will also allow balancing them.


Nah nothing can’t beat shrimvamsha rider dodge/block ability since it works against siege weapons too.

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Now is possible with the new update, similar to the Centurion ability

That is something that can be tweaked.
Most complains against the shrivamsha’s shield are about how strong it is. If it was a two-shots that recharged really slow much less people would be annoyed by the mechanic.

My complain about centurion’s aura is about the design itself. Even if was a mere 1% attack speed increase I would have the same oppinion.

Well, they can already inspire enemies to join your cause, and allies to stay alive longer. Pretty strong role if you ask me. I know there were some early proposals from the ES devs to add something like an aura mechanic for monks with relics, but I’d prefer this as a Scenario Editor thing. Which frankly I wish the Centurion mechanic was as well. I think it’s a cool addition to the game*, but would have been better as an ability for heroes in Scenarios/Campaigns. Don’t love that they gave this to a UU, especially with the massive range and effect, really seems like it should be a campaign hero thing. (Also campaign heroes are now kind of lame comparatively, since they just regen).

I dislike the Shrivamsha thing more personally, but they’re all in the same ballpark, more or less (except Folwark, which I think is cool). In general though, I don’t think devs have any incentive to defer to the wishes of more conservative players when the pull of adding some shiny new feature will always be stronger. I’ve come to accept that new gimmicky things I may not like are probably the price of the game’s continued development and expansion.

I kind of did as well. But still I believe we should voice our views on the matter to balance the general oppinion. Otherwise we may find the suprise of an AoE3 level-of-gimmicky civ being added in the next dlc.


Buildings’ aura may be more acceptable than units’ because it cannot move, allowing the range to be visualized.

Perhaps removing the aura of Centurions and allowing Centurions to quickly build a kind of unitque building which has the same aura, like War Camp or something, would improve the problem a bit better?

The numbers will almost certainly be tweaked, but I think the gimmicks are pretty much set in stone. (Plus it would be weird for a mounted unit to have a construction ability). A construction ability for Legionaries (perhaps barracks, TC, or a unique building) is what I would have preferred over another charge ability, but it is what it is.

If the number can not be stacked, it may be fine.

Lakota War Chief, Indian Brahmins, Hausa Emirs, Ethiopian Ras, Berber Sultan in AoE3.

You still can let it’s sprite look like being dismounted when it is building.

Makes Serjeants rather awkward.