What is about Teuton knight at Barracks?

like huskal, it will be better for this infantry UU

The point of Goths is building huge amounts of low-cost, mediocre infantry, which is why building Huskarls at the Barracks is a significant bonus.

Teutonic Knights are virtually the exact opposite. Powerful and expensive, meaning they don’t need to be produced en-masse at a barracks.


Why not have all the uu’s created in other buildings for that matter?

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Because you already have Castles for that purpose.

Too bad they royally stink

They do not, they are just slow.

Fixing TKs is easy, just have them benefit from Sanctity and Fervour, since they are Warrior Monks.

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I appreciate your idea and that you try to find a way how to boost Teutons but I do not think this is the right way. TK are produced relatively quickly and the production time is not their weakness.

Here was a very extensive discussion and there are many interesting ideas and counter-ideas.
Teutonic Ideas

Since the last patch did not change anything in case of Teutons the thread is still vital.

I was talking about goths

Goths need a lot more to be fixed, but I already laid down my ideas for it.

Being able to train unique units at normal production buildings (not castles) would actually make me use them. Currently can’t really rely on them due to depending on castles. So I pretty much ignore them and train normal units.

That is, however, intended.

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They are unique units after all and are more powerful versions of normal units, which is why most civs can only make them from castles and even then in some cases, can be a very spammed and preferred unit nonetheless.