I’m sure you guys are working hard on the next patch but we really need some communication about the state of the game. Every day more and more cheaters arrive in Ranked and I fear aoe will be gg in a few more weeks of this garbage. Names shouldn’t be so easy to change- the 256x mod should be removed entirely due to the bugs. Tell me something is happening Cysion! Don’t make me leave the game I’ve loved my whole life. :frowning:


Yeah game breaking bugs like these should be addressed publicly…
Ranked is unplayable due to multiple tech bug abuse, uncertainty is bad for the community and the game.

Release an official statement that you’re working on it on social media or something! revert to last patch while its fixed, idk. but do something

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Hi devs, I wonder why you don´t talk to us. You don´t say anything about nothing. Bugs, cheaters, features. Nowadays the game is kinda broken and you guys just like ghosts.
So I guess we have to wait to a ghost May update that we dont really now when is coming and how it would be since you dont say nothing about the current problems and how you are dealing with them.
Come on man… seriously. People is getting tired already


Tomorrow is a patch, so relax

8 days ago there was a “fix in the works”. Some updates on twitter or announcements on the forums on how long they expect it’ll take, or if they are banning cheaters - just being transparent with the community about what is going on.


Certain? Could as well be on friday.

Yeah, transparency would be good. Although I am kinda used to them giving minimal feedback. Staying mostly silent seems to be their official policy for some reason.

Not certain, but the last patches were on thursday so its very likely.

We need a fix, please!! Tournaments sponsored by the game studio owners that has to be played on a previous patch is ridiculous. A Civ losing its key tech and becoming unplayable… Please, stop with the updates for a while, fix stuff, test stuff. We do not need so many changes on a schedule! The game is 20 years old, take your time, we are not going anywhere.

There was a release today and hopefully it fixed the issue. I don’t see an announcement for the release yet, so looks like it just came out.

Edit: Confirmed. It’s fixed in the latest release.

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