What is the most thing that you wish to be fixed in the new patch?

So you are looking for general design fixes, interesting

• Steppe Lancer cost reduction
• Cavalry Archer fixed
• Hand Canoneers fixed
• Siege Tower cost reduction or other fix
• weaker civs buffed
• slight cost reductions for some rarely used unique units
• higher unit selection limit
• ability to add civs through modding


I’m mostly hoping for cool and interesting buffs to the weaker civs. I also really agree with @Szaladon. Civ modding and independent architecture support would be really great!


I hope they fix all issues related to the rating. So many things are wrong with the TG rating.


Missing the Steppe Lancer/Battle Elephant All-Tech bug which still hasn’t been fixed. Otherwise good list.

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The steppe lancer/elephant thing i included in my list of “quality of life suggestions” where i asked to separate the hotkey of steppe lancer and elephant.

This :heart_eyes:

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1-Players disconnected from multiplayer games. When there is a minimum interference on the wifi, anything else stay connected or reconnect quickly, but in the game, you are already out.
2-An option to select the server when restoring a game
3-Game’s crashes to windows without an obvious reason
4-Villagers optimisations: Villagers idling in wood, villagers not repairing (just supervising behind other villagers)
5-Patrolling when using defensive stance is weird
6-Balance changes I think are secondary

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Balance would be fine, but there is something more important, fixing the MM and the rank distribution.

MM is still forcing us to play maps and settings we don’t want, as a player i consider that as a bad move from the devs, implementing MM with a small player base like ours is forcing the MM to match us most of the times in unfair matches for team games, while for 1x1 it isn’t that bad, from time to time you might face mbl at 1600 after he waited 8 mins in the queue, yeah amazing i can play a pro and get humiliated on his stream at the same time, thank you devs, idc about that but there are more sensitive players, i remember noob bashing being one of the biggest issues back at voobly and HD days.

TG ranks are broken and not accurate, also the distribution and boost they are using as reference is bad, 3k tg players can get top 15 or top 10 with few games, also wtf 3k elo? more than 1k difference from the 1x1 ladders, that shouldn’t be like that.

Also point distribution is broken, once you get 2200 you start losing less points when facing the same equal players, viper and hera only exchange 7 points per 1x1 despite they are both at 2450+ elo, the system should be taking or giving 16 points on a natural elo system despite their current rank, unless that was a design from the mods to prevent higher ranks, which would be a bad joke considering the 3.1k tg elo players.

Please give us the option to play our favourite maps, despite the waiting time, i’d rather waiting 12 minutes for a good arabia than 5 minutes and playing 2 hours of arena or megarandom, which i couldn’t ban cause i was banning other maps that consumes a lot of time and are not even fun at all, devs you are not 15 years old kids and so we aren’t, we value our time more than anything, if i am forced to play things that i don’t like in the small time that i can give to my hobbie, then i would end up leaving the game, no matter how much i love it.


Random drops/disconnects/crashes of the game. It is just no fun at all when winning is more a lottery about will my enemy be first dropped or will it be me…

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No offense, but never thought a day would come that we agree on something.

And yet here we are…


What is the most thing that you wish to be fixed in the new patch?

Balance, Balance and Balance.

I absolutely do not care about any UI updates, Profile Icons or Events (except the rightful allowance of NON DATA unit skin mods) because the joy in all of that is fleeting, we all get used to those changes very quickly and soon it feels like nothing. (Back in those days AoC graphics really felt like what we have now, and now that we look back, it looks like crap!)

Whereas on the other hand, Unit Stats and Civ bonus specs are the Epic Script on which the game is made, and has become as successful as it has, living in pur hearts for over 20 years, regardless of the visual/map/matchmaking/event/icon updates.

Therefore Balance is of beyond paramount importance.

Knights are OP. Over centralizing the entire metagame, which literally exists on top of its head.

HC and CA are UP. Beyond repair in case of HC.

EA, WE, Shotels, GC, Orjan Guns and so on are UP and an utterly useless waste of gold. They are only good for style points or for flexing on a lower level player.

Half the UTs are beyond useless, amd in this case you don’t even get style points for beating up noobs with these researched unlike the useless UUs.

“Balance” changes should aim to shift the metagame every 1-2 months PERPETUALLY like in many other online games (for example like in Pokemon Showdown)

We want more people to get shocked by streamer video titles and start watching videos of their old favorite (but usually bad) units wrecking some ■■■■, thats the gateway drug to a twitch subscriptions, and how community can grow.

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literally your own opinion, if they are op, how are they so easily countered and why are knight civ winrates balanced?

except i literally just watched HC used quite effectively in multiple 1v1 tournament games, including just this past weekend. so obviously they are not beyond repair.

elephants aren’t under-powered, they are just far too expensive to mass up. re-balance elephants around lower stats and cost and they would be fine.

we want more people shocked? no. you do. especially seeing as a lot of people are already annoyed by clickbait titles. and frankly shaking up the meta every 1-2 months is a terrible idea for many reasons, i agree some shake up would be nice every now and then, but 1 to 2 months is far too often in the rts genre.


I think with a growing pro scene, there is less and less need for patches to “shake up” the meta. Lets take Hoang (yeah, not technicially a pro, but his popularity certainly benefiteted from the growing scene): Celt siege didnt get buffed in decades, yet he showed a new way of playing the game. Viper is trying out Port despite them not getting buffed for a long time, and even plays them in tournaments (non-water, mind you).
So, the easiest way to get a diverse meta is having a diverse scene of pro players who try out new things. SC2 shows us the amazing creativity those guys can bring - the meta often changes without any patches.

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For the god sake, please DO NOT turn this thread into yet another balance demand whining marathon. We literally have such a thread in SLOW MODE… :frowning:

On top of that, I find it horrified that path finding fix is lower priority than unit balance… some people are ok for half of their villagers gathering resources inefficiently or idling due to pathing issues? For me game de sync, disconnect, matchmaking etc should be prioritised first and foremost because they are the basis of a fun game.


Well, in your case it’s 100% Parthnan winrate.

Because, like always, all your balance statements are incorrect


This is not about civ winrate. This is about the unit overcentralizing the gameplay in Castle Age specifically, if you did not understand… how many times should I repeat this?
It is borderline OP because it is overcentralizing.

and yet the unit is easily and cost effectively countered.

tell me parthnan, if you nerf the knight, what happens to the winrates of those civs that rely on the knight?

so how do you propose to maintain balance after nerfing all those civs?

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Minor nerf to Knights to 90 (110) HP will have negligible impact on the already consistently >50% winrates (and insane pro pickrates) of Franks and Lithuanians.

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