What is this? Matchmaking aint fair at all

What is the point matching 1.3 and 1.4k vs player that are 1.8-1.9k TG and 2.1k 1v1s ??? Dont care about elo, -2 only but getting stomped that hard aint fun. Gonna have aoe insights open now while game is on, wasting less time resigning @5min.

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How long is the queuing time of this match?

Less than 2 min, i queued 1v1, 2v2, 3v3

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it’s nothing new.

matchmaker does that in 1 out of 3 teamgames i get matched into.

on top of that team even numbers is stacked so they probably are on voice or are used to play with each other.
it’s barely possible to win against that.

I check the time interval between games for that red carrot team and I estimate their waiting time are more than 10 minutes. I guess it is the reason why someone is the victim and this is you this time