What is this tech in the Ottoman tech tree (Arrival Flag)

The Ottoman tech tree shows this tech, available with the Palace Intrigue card, called Arrival Flag. At first, the name made me think of the flags in water maps, which I think have the same name, but the tech’s description seems interesting:

“Home City colonists arrive here. You can move this flag anywhere around the edge of the map or set a waypoint from it.”
This seems like a mechanic that is not currently in the game, as I understand it. A tech that allows “colonist” (I’d guess unit shipments) to arrive from anywhere around the edge of the map rather than in a TC or Outpost? That seems new.

Is this a new tech that is coming to the Ottomans in a future patch, or is it something removed from the game that still shows in the tree?

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I think I’ve seen a post about this before a long time ago so I think it’s been around a while.

Edit: Here is the post