What "RETOLD" means?

Does Age of Mythology “retold” means that the Definitive Edition of AOM is finally going to be released?

If yes… When?


The twitter announcement says it will bring “the Definitive Edition Treatment to Age of Mythology” so yeah probably it is a DE with a different name. I don’t think the launch date is announced yet. https://twitter.com/Ageofmyth/status/1584959727922196480


“Age of Mythology: Retold is in development. Follow for all future news!” @Ageofmyth twitter.

Still in development? I was waiting to be released this year.

But… why RETOLD? And not simply DE? What is the difference?


beause of logic. We have AoE2 DE, which was definitely not definitive, because of all the DLCs :smiley: But im glad we have those DLCs, especially Dawn of Dukes with Bohemians.


Well the wording with retold maybe cause:

  1. it simply sounds more fitting/immersive
  2. it retells the story of Arkantos
  3. it’s maybe a more drastic/bigger DE than the other DEs so it deserved a new wording (?)

Didn’t pay attention to the part with „still in production“… oh no i hoped if it’s a DE it will be release ready. Well if that won’t happen maybe it will still be released this year? Lets hope so


If it says ‘still in development’ then it definitely won’t be released this year. Probably late 2023 or somewhere in 2024 instead.

Wouldn’t mind being wrong, though! Very excited for AoM!


It’s about time that Age of Mythology gets the Definitive Edition treatment. I’ve always wanted to see that just like other AoE fans did because AoM really deserves the remaster treatment just like with other major titles within the AoE series.


Maybe about Chinese?? MS didnt seem too sure about them

I hope for premiere date 01.11.2022.


time to start begging for Slavs again :sunglasses:

‘Pharaoh remastered’ just went to the number two slot on my ‘most anticipated games’ list.

Probably a year and a half so late 2023 or early 2024, I dont think it will be soon, otherwise they wouldve shown gameplay

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I highly doubt that we neee to wait that long for this game to be released. Who knows how long time they been working on this before telling us about it.

My guess is that we will get this sometime middle of 2023, late spring early summer time. 2024 sounds too far away for a DE of a game that already exist but what do I know.

I’m more confident that before the release of AoM Retold, they will also announce AoM 2 for a late 2024 or spring 2025 release date. That way we have something to play in the meantime while waiting for AoM2.

The date is my pure speculation but I’m more sure now that there will be a AoM2 game eventually, they saw the chat go crazy for AoM in general. They know!


I think the ‘Retold’ wording and the trailer, are indicative that it is neither DE nor AOM 2. It’s something of a compromise. We would get the 3 base civ shown in trailer with re telling of the base and Titans campaigns. On a new engine with graphical overhauls, quality of life features and possibly change to gameplay with no need of pop restriction as in old times.
All the DE were on same but updated engine and almost same in gameplay. So it can’t be called a DE, but also not AOM 2. They probably want to forget about the Chinese like they did with AoeO. The design and mechanics of Atlanteans or Chinese can be used for future DLC’s with new factions.
Personally I’m happy even if they stop at base 3 civ and focus on balance and replayability.

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I hope for 8 civs in base game:

  1. Egyptians
  2. Greeks
  3. Norse
  4. Chinese
  5. Atlantes (or change it into new civ like Mayans or Romans)
  6. Mesopotamians
  7. Celts
  8. Slavs

I fear retold word means inclusions/wokness… Hopefully they don’t dare to touch the campaign and change anything, people asked for definitely edition and not to change the game/campaign with stupidity.


If they retold the campaign community will destroy Microsoft for ever ! I am included


Proposed DLC’s for AoM: Retold:

Cradle of Mythology DLC

  1. Phoenicians
  2. Israelites
  3. Persians

Dragons of Asia DLC

  1. Japanese
  2. Koreans
  3. Hindu

Temples of Americas DLC

  1. Aztecs
  2. Incas
  3. Mayans (or Algonquin peoples if Atlantes change into Mayans)

Faiths of Africa DLC

  1. Yoruba
  2. Dogon
  3. Berbers

None of the aoe games have gone overboard with the “wokeness” so why would they do it with AOM?

Because some people like to make things up so they’re then justified in not liking it when it actually comes out.