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No mention of removing that fog either.


“What? Why? What’s wrong with the camera?”
I’ll watch the stream tonight, and after that … uninstall the game. This is not a game for RTS players, new or old, but something else.

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They said this patch is a ‘coming soon’ one so I’d assume December. They might drop some more hints on the stream today.

This would be helpful, but sorting out the game’s hotkeys needs more than that. A major problem is when a unit can be produced from different types of building, but has a different key on each building, so there is no way to control group them together and produce a unit from all of them with one action. I also, personally, hate the age-based grids for buildings. Ideally we’d have complete flexibility to lay it all out how we want it.

(the rest isn’t a response to your post)

I’m disappointed that better hotkeys and global build queue seem to be quite a long way off.

Re score, while I like it not being visible from a purity standpoint, I’ve now seen many games that were cast from a replay where the game carried on being played for quite some time after it was over, purely because the losing player couldn’t see the scores. I also dislike not being able to see the scores when I’m watching a streamer play live. Overall, I’d personally prefer it if scores were visible in ranked games, for viewer engagement and to avoid games continuing for significant time after the point where it is clear who has won.

I’d also like to see an option to increase the size of the mini-map, e.g. up to 200% of its current size in 10% increments.

And I’d still like to be able to zoom much farther out. I feel like we’re all going to have to keep saying this over and over and over again, or they’ll just think we’ve all stopped wanting it.

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Why would you need the game installed in order to watch the stream? Something else? Like what? Lots of old RTS players from other games are playing it right now.

  1. Remove expectations.
  2. Lower the bar.
  3. ???
  4. Profit!

Hi, I’m glad you like the game. That players from diverse backgrounds have come to try Age IV I considered a fantastic opportunity and a beautiful thing. In my opinion, but do not warry, I’m a nobody who knows nothing, Microsoft/Relic are squandering this opportunity with a faulty product. That is why, unless later today they say something really interesting, and I have no reason to expect they’ll do, I will uninstall the game.

Should have just released it with these basic things and the game would have been fine. Now gotta wait 5 months for something that can be implemented in less than 1.

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In the observer mode you can see the scores in qualifiers, I see the score well to play custom games, a success.

If you are going to play a ranked, I see well that there is no score.

Much appreciated communication from the devs…

At the livestream today Eric also divulged pretty exciting balance changes!

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is there a link to that livestream?

No new civs???

These are patches with balance and feature updates, not DLC’s. Adding new civs will take more time.

I watched it. they mentioned about nerfing springald, makings chinese repeating xbow unit cheaper, and making rams to occupy 1 pop limit and increasing its ranged armor while decreasing its hp.

Almost nobody wants them to be talking already about DLCs.
The game is not feature complete, and you want them to announce more ways to give them money?

Also in Dev Stream Eric Wrobel said “Early Christmas Present” for Winter Update … sounds promising that it comes rather sooner then later.

Nothing about saving and sharing replay. Match History automically removed your old games.

Please bring the Age of Empires 1-4 to XBox console.

Next week, as it turns out.