Age of Empires IV - Post-Launch Developer Stream

Relevant part starting at 35:00, everything before is just PR stuff.

Some things to note in no particular order:

  • Delhi Buff incoming, boosting early game tech times but slowing down late game tech times.

  • To make Rams relevant in late game they get more ranged armor but less HP. Also 1 pop instead of 3.

  • Springalds are designed as anti-siege, so them being used as anti-everything will be tuned.

  • Hitboxes/Selection circles are on the list (fixing things like relics).

  • Since closed beta they were focused on making the game 100% stable on release, no gameplay related feedback has been forgotten.

  • They apparently have learned from earlier releases to not rush patches anymore that break more than fix.

  • There is a live team working on the game, we do not know how small/big it is.

  • Best place to leave feedback is the forum; they won’t jump into every discussion since their processes are more about bringing these suggestions into dev meetings etc.

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Surprising! It feels so good to know that the developers are still with us, can’t wait for the new patches and more information to arrive!


Beginning at 01:12:40 Quinn is “teasing” something for the community, but I can’t understand his last sentence. Can anyone understand that?

He just said that the winter patch is going to come “sooner than people expect”.

I dont understand why they didnt let that guy Eric talk more about upcoming balance changes, he was sharing interesting stuff like changing rams and other stuff, and then they told him to stop, not to give away too much. People, it’s a freekin patch! Game already launched, there’s no point in hiding balance changes from a patch. On the contrary revealing whats inside the patch early on is going to hype people. I dont know if you noticed, but game already lost a big portion of its concurrent player number on Steam. There is no reality in which hiding contents from a patch is going to benefit you. They continue to be very off with their marketing.


They wanted to hype things up and probably it was not intended to be a lengthy stream, but I too think it is silly to be not completely transparent.

lol. imagine thinking something like release numbers don’t exist.


lol imagine putting the effort of typing an actual reply.

They didn’t talk about allowing players to retarget manually TC fire? they are silent since beta on this issue…

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Thanks for explaining.
Well, Quinn said it is already really cold up there and the package is already listed on steam, so maybe we will see it releasing this month even.



i’m asking the round but also you since you seem to watch the streams.
am I correct in assuming that 100% accuracy aka homing arrows are a thing due to the 3d engine and computational problems with pathing when both combined?

I tried to find an answer but couldn’t locate any topics since some of them seem to have been deleted, but I do remember hearing/reading it somewhere.

if true, maybe that TC retarget fire thing is related.

and hill damage bonus is not a thing due to pathing too or bc of mountain placement and certain disadvantages with player base/TC placement?

No, it is a design decision. “Fun” micro gets replaced by meaningful unit counters. Siege already is inaccurate (trebs, mangonels). Literally every game except AOE2 have 100% accuracy arrows, so it isn’t even a new feature. What might be coming (if at all) is archer accuracy missing things exiting their range.

They didn’t specify it but it I guess it is a design decision as well, the ram aggroing every building to shoot it is part of its balance design.

Hill bonus provides only LOS, other bonuses got removed due to unfair map generations spawning player TCs at different elevations. My stance on this is, that they should rather adjust the map generation instead of removing features.


it’s stupid to not have a small defender advantage when you have building +army vs army …


are you 100% certain on this? I remember talks about arrows and their trajectory, and pathing too.
that they eventually gave up and made arrows 100% accurate

I don’t remember any talks mentioning this, afaik it is done this way to make archer damage expectations reliable. It makes things easier to balance as well, as you do not have to keep accuracy in mind.

It is frustrating for casuals to amass an archer army to lose it against micronerds dancing around with their units. They won’t be as frustrated when losing against their unit counter, as then they can come up with a better strategy next time. Against micronerds there is no strategy, you can only join the dance battles.


Hi @Nanasoka, This is the topic you’re looking for:


I am talking about manually targeting the units you want to kill with the TC


dude wth is going on here :rofl::rofl::sweat_smile:

i think u misspinged but thx :sweat_smile:

I know what you’re talking about :sweat_smile: I just had a question and I thought you might have an answer since you watch the streams. and it partially has to do with my topic aka arrow management

This is not 3d engine problem because towers can retarget, it’s probably intended but it’s a very bad design


I think they were saying Springalds nerf is coming later on iirc.

The Delhi buff is welcome, but having a nonlinear research speed progression might make it feel a bit weird to predict how many Scholars you need at any point. I guess we’ll have to see.

The Zhuge Nu being cheaper (I bet it’s gonna cost 40f 20w 20g btw) might make it see more use, but I still struggle to imagine a use for it considering its slow movement speed and low range. I’m thinking they don’t want to give Chinese a harass option, which is why they aren’t buffing its speed, but I don’t see a use for it in an army even with the cost reduction, due to the aforementioned disadvantages.

The Ram nerf is probably my highlight of the stream. Very happy to see that nerfed, especially with so few options to prevent it (no building walling, no TC targeting etc.). It was almost impossible to hold as Chinese and I bet that’s one of the main reasons why Chinese didn’t see play in Genesis, alongside with their lack of early harass options.

Judging by what they said, I expect the patch to come out in the first 2 weeks of December. Looking forward tothe balance changes!

Hmmm, I was hoping to see Hotkey Improvements soon, but I understand that is not a easy feature, it is just I am tired to constantly assign Ctrl+1, Ctrl+2, etc, to specific groups of buildings and forget to assign it again to new buildins when I have more available, ending in a slow production because I was only creating units for the initial build, let’s wait with patience.

Something that wasn’t mentioned is to improve the hit box for selecting sheeps, hunting, or to set locations points, I thought that was a common complain, but it seems not.