What should Age of Empires IV improve?

Age of Empires IV is already a solid game that has ironed out most of the problems that have arisen since its release. However, I think I speak for everyone when I say that there is still a room for improvement that we would like to see in the game going forward. That’s why I’m launching this poll:

For you, what should Age of Empires IV improve as soon as possible?

  • New civilisations - Byzantines, Japanese, Vikings, Spanish, Berbers, Aztecs, etc.
  • New online game modes - Just like Empire Wars
  • New offline game modes - Campaigns, Challenges, Historic Battles
  • Correcting bugs, improving balance and matchmaking
  • Best prizes and content in ranked seasons

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Please, write a comment if you want to explain more about your thoughts. Greetings to the community.


No 1 priority for me: Correcting bugs, improving balance and matchmaking

No 2 priority: New civilisations - Byzantines, Japanese, Vikings, Spanish, Berbers, Aztecs, etc.

No 3 priority: Improved graphics


Correcting bugs, improving balance and matchmaking

New civilisations - Byzantines, Japanese, Vikings, Spanish, Berbers, Aztecs, etc.


You have lacked in the survey to add QoL (pause, reconnection, incorporation of mods to ranked), UI improvement, add the missing hotkeys, improve the hitbox, the input lag…

Also raise the size of the buildings a bit, more animations of the environment and fauna, among other things.


I think what it needs most is more single player and coop content.

Beyond that I would say QoL updates. The ability to remake crashed games, UI customization, pause on custom games, make they tech trees actually useful, improve the post game stats, etc…

As for new civs, I think 1 or 2 a year is plenty.

Oh also, expand modding, make it more accessible, add more functionality to what can be modded, etc…


Good list. I’d personally like to see improvements to physics/animations to artillery. The impact is really lacking compared to AoE3 and even AoE2 imo. A well placed Onager shot in AoE2 is a sight to behold and watching a couple of Falconets obliterate a small army in AoE3 is so rewarding.

I don’t get any of this in AoEIV. Really underwhelming.

  • People for some reason didnt like the generic units (from what i seen from other threads) but i think this way its easy to balance and make sense because some units are same for every nation just their armor or weapon looks different.Most can do in this situtaion is maybe adding regional unique units like western maa,midle eastern maa,eastern maa etc.

  • When i reached conqueror i want other rewards below the conqueror too like platin portrait for example

  • Smoke from gunpowder units maybe linger more in the air to reflect realism

  • Devs can learn from aoe3 how the artillery physics must be

  • Game hosting panel needs a improvement we must see and change everything at once there shouldnt be different taps

  • More animals can be added

  • Treaty mode

  • But before all those the two thing i posted and replied must be happen


1 each 6 months is better imo :smiley:


I completely agree with you. I really hope they are preparing new content for when it turns 2 years old.

First of all, please avoid the following list in favor of a long lasting and BALANCED COMPETITIVE multiplayer:

Please no new civs and no content!!!
Don’t OVERLOAD the game with content before the balancing is INTENSIVELY worked on!
Please no arcade features, map monsters is a first step in the wrong direction.
Keep the game as realistic and authentic as possible.
No more stealth, this game shouldn’t have any stealth units.
No passive income civs that can stay at their capital tc like Malians.

  • Fix military units attacking buildings, IMPORTANT!!!
  • Fix poor pathing of units
  • Improve physics and animations, fights and micro feel extremely clumsy, irresponsive and there is an input delay
  • Fix (team) ranked matchmaking dodging
  • Graphics need BIG work, less cartony and MUCH higher quality, this should look like 2021
    game, not 2003 game, please bring it into realistic direction, not cartoony/mobile
  • Fix buggy wall building physics, it’s EXTREMELY FRUSTRATING when you have to try and place a wall 20 times until it finally works because something invisible blocks it.
    Currently it’s not on the level of a competitive game
  • increase strength of unit counters, game is about mass mostly right now, not much about HARD counters
  • game needs % resistances instead of flat ones and X multipliers (factors) for attack damage against specific types of units
  • cannons/bombards should get some AOE damage to make good micro management more rewarding
  • siege weapons need crew for aesthetics and VISIBILITY
    often times i cant spot my own springalds when i wanna shoot siege weapons because they are kinda invisible in the army
  • work on performance, game sometimes stutters randomly and ESPECIALLY in the first seconds, tc will ignore training villager commands until ~0:05 game time
  • buildings can’t be placed when an enemy building is already built but NOT discovered.
    Please fix this, people borderline exploit this MAJOR BUG
    list goes on… no time to write down more right now

Priorities in my opinion:

1.- Keep being historical (don’t add fantasy like enchanted forest or mythical creatures) + continue with the good balance rework

2.- Animal hunting variation. It will bring immersion to every map and less routine in every match.

3.- New civs

4.- Campaigns for every faction that doesn’t have one


Very true! I think AOEIV has a lot to learn from its brother AOEIII in this respect.


Here comes my full feedback (the best feedback? :smiley:):

  • More civs (1 per month is better than 2 per year), campaigns from existing and new civs (not all documentary style though, can be only with decent quests)…

  • Cooperative play in present and future campaigns.

  • Improve the AI ​​more (a good job is being done little by little with the patches and they should continue to make the AI ​​one of the best there is in RTS.

  • Improve the game interface (can be changed from minimalist to another style) and the main menu (can be changed to look more medieval).

  • Graphic improvement (this will come with season 5 but it still needs to be improved when it comes to polishing), along with more fauna, better and more animation in the environment and even in battles, slightly taller buildings (respecting their space of tiles), physical improvements of the siege when they are destroyed, operators, etc.

  • Basic in-game editor that exists in all AoEs and should be in this one.

  • Include the advanced options (in custom games) mod officially: There is a mod that provides you with advanced options (treaty, treasures on the maps, etc.). They can include it as an official option.

  • More flexibility and closeness with modders in the advanced editor. Giving them more support is still key for them to continue making content for the community.

  • Pause and reconnection mode (whether the pause mode is by vote or not, but these 2 things are necessary).

  • Basic tutorials (apart from Art of War) by civilization.

  • Put join walls with allies.

  • The only thing I ask for and that I think is missing from the hotkeys is that you can select units of the same type.

  • Inclusion of mods/tweaks pack (filtered by devs) in quick play and ranked (aesthetics and quality of life, as long as it doesn’t give one player an advantage over another, as it is right now AoE2-AoE3).

  • A map pool based on what the average player likes the most, change the 3 least played maps each season for another 3 maps that could be good, be able to veto 1 more map to avoid dodging. Improving maps, making them more attractive to reward map control + balance improvement so there aren’t as many stalemates in Late Game.

  • Add more abilities to the units and a little more micro (especially it would favor the one with more micro ability and the spectator).

  • Improve the water game to favor anti-water (alternative strat), and comeback. I also don’t think it’s a bad thing that there are treasures and a better aesthetic (this is a personal opinion).

  • Improve the pathing little by little and that there are units that do not prioritize buildings in any case. Some players hate this.

  • Incorporate an anti-cheat system. (You commented about cheating in teams, so I understand that you are going to do something).

  • Reduce the RNG maps a bit. Maps should be random, but try to make it as less unfair as possible being a bit less random.

  • Urgently improve Matchmaking (you’re doing it, good luck).

  • Hitbox issues with the walls and their construction, difficult precision when selecting units or attacking a specific unit, villagers that are idle waiting to collect food and do not appear as idle…

  • Reduce the Input Lag/Delay in multiplayer, in single player there is no such thing (you can check it all).

  • More competent replay mode: I should can rewind, save games files. Please, improve the caster mode interface so that you can see other important improvements (also the bounty rus).

  • Not being able to hide search history except for custom games. All ranked and quick match must be visible.

  • Being able to see the map when a replay or game watched live ends.

  • Roadmap and more Marketing.

I think it’s the best feedback that solves all the problems in the game (unless I have something left).


Treaty mode, connect walls to allies, map treasures, ppl blown away by siege impacts


Something no one cares: AI player names using real historical figures.

It would be even better if they got some unique dialogue lines so that you could advertise it as another new improvement introduced to the series


(first should be playable then new content)

  1. Performance over all
  2. Balance
  3. Matchmaking
  4. Bugs
  5. New civs
  6. Anything else
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As someone coming from other genres of games, one thing that puts me off about moving to AOE is the lack of consideration for the actual human multiplayer aspect of the game.

When playing AOE, even in multiplayer, it feels more like playing a solo game with others rather than a truly engaging multiplayer experience. I understand that this appeals to those who enjoy testing their skills, but as a casual player, it can be a highly isolating experience in my opinion.

Here are some basic multiplayer essentials that I believe should be considered:

Reconnect option: I understand that implementing this feature may be challenging, but considering that games can crash, it’s frustrating and demoralizing to lose 40 minutes of progress due to a crash. This issue can deter players who are transitioning from other games to AOE.

Pausing with limitations: A game of AOE can often last over an hour, and it’s unreasonable to expect players not to have real-life interruptions during that time. Having a pause feature with minimum and maximum time limits would be helpful.

Voice chat with language selection: I’ve heard that voice chat will be introduced soon, which is great. However, it would be beneficial to have a language selection option to address the issue of non-English speakers on teams. Communication is crucial in this game, and typing can be cumbersome. Adding features like a chat wheel or auto-communications similar to those in games like CSGO would greatly improve the experience.

Matchmaking transparency: The current matchmaking system feels random, and I’m unsure if winning or losing affects finding games better suited to my skill level (excluding ladder games). It would be helpful to have some indication or explanation of how the matchmaking system works to enhance the overall experience.

Community interaction: A messaging system within the game would be useful for players to connect with others in their area or of similar skill level. A message box for server members to communicate things like “Anyone want to party?” or “Anyone with voice chat want to queue?” would foster better teamwork and social engagement.

Skill level indicators: Instead of rthe usess user portraits, there should be a clear indicator of skill level when joining custom games or scanning lobbies. Knowing the skill level of players or being aware if you’ve been matched with someone significantly higher or lower than you would greatly improve the matchmaking experience.

“Looking to party” indicator: It would be beneficial to have a feature that allows players to indicate their interest in partying up without having to spam invites to everyone on their friends list.

Spectator mode for friends: Allowing friends to spectate your gameplay without delay would enhance the social aspect of the game and provide a way for friends to engage even when not actively playing.

Improved chat filter: The current chat filter can be overly sensitive and annoying. Adding a toggle to show or hide profanity would allow players to communicate more effectively during intense battles without being hindered by the filter, even for normal text.

I get that things like new civs and game modes are enticing to request and I totally agree that things like more casual game modes (like empire wars) and modding community improvement are really great elements to have had as directions and have made the game a lot bet.But at its core aoe4 feels way too cold to the human element of a multiplayer experience.


improving balance and bug fixing

In my view, improve some PvE content will be fine.

I think AoE4 need more campaign, it’s quite fascinating and educational comparing to AoE2, but still, we need more histories to learn.

Beside, add some Coop Campaign (resemble StarCraft2) , like simulate some historic battle with different civ in a sandbox, to achieve various objective. It’s not only to attract those who play PvP less, but also a chance to experiencing some canceled feature tech for each civ.

Skirmish setting should have more option to custom, such as population limit and handicap, which just like advance game setting (mod).


New civs, more offline options and improved balance are always a must, but I also believe this game needs some visual revamp: it looks way too dull right now.