What should Age of Empires IV improve?

Okay, the dock is like a cheap and very convenient second Tc, it should cost more, civilizations without economical bonuses should be improved in water, as the English reduced the cost of ships by 10%, I don’t want them to lower the collection rate any more deep sea

I wouldnt like fishing to be nerfed even more either, but i would like to see civs with no land eco bonus having something in water, or maybe toning down the stronger civs in water as well.

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Most players don’t like/interest to play water maps and most viewers don’t like to watch games on water maps (just look at the stats and feedback).

Some players say it’s because they have to learn another build or more multitasking and it is difficult, others because the games are almost always the same (and the latter is usually true).

There is a lot of action and a lot of micromanagement, but 2 fundamental elements are missing for its attraction: The strategic variety and a better aesthetic in water (accompanied by some extra resource).

I think that the gathering speed (aprox), aesthetics and water content of AoE3 (it is one of the strong points of the game) combined with the micro ship of AoE4 with its rock-paper-scissors, we could be talking about the best water in AoE and I would dare to say that it would be one of the best of all the RTS.

Maybe I’m freaking out, let me know.

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with such cheap springs they can drop the pickup rate similar to sheep and it would still be better than playing on land

Some players say it’s because they have to learn another build or more multitasking and it is difficult, others because the games are almost always the same (and the latter is usually true).

My two cents are that water maps typically mean I HAVE to go water just to keep up… There’s no option, I can’t choose a different strategy, I have to do it. That plus there are civs with massive advantages to early water so that strategies like destroying them early aren’t even really possible against them. It’s just too all in. You lose water, you lose the game almost. There’s very little wiggle room in that.

I have a similar issue with HRE fast castle. It’s like guess what I have to do to counter MaA spam? Anyone want to take a guess? That’s right, Age up. Only then do I have access to the choice of counter, xbows or Knights.


the docks and markets, which simulate another TC should not be cheap, this game is currently a Meta boom


Against an all-in Burgrave there are always ways to withstand the timing (even with civs that don’t have the direct counter in Feudal) even if it costs.

The water thing is absolutely mandatory to do and what you say is one of the reasons why many people don’t like these maps.

Yeah, this game needs more personality for it’s AI factions.

The game saying “intermediate AI has reached castle age” is just an indicator that it is an oversight rather than a designed regression.

  • Palaside walls shouldnt have beams people delete them for the lower the cost

For me:

1 New offline game modes - Campaigns, Challenges, Historic Battles

2 New civilisations - Byzantines, Japanese, Vikings, Spanish, Berbers, Aztecs, etc.


New civs PLEASE. I dont get why the two they added last werent some of the popular requested ones

So, I don’t know if this point was already mentioned but I think it’s unfair that you lose points for not playing 2 weeks. The reason is maybe u are in holidays and can’t play or as happend to my friend, he got conq 3 in team games at the day before the season ended and he ended in conq 2 because he lost 5 points for not playing at the day the season ended. Wierd if u ask me.
Age is not like sc2 gradmaster league were are just 100 places in the ladder.

I weren’t a fan of giving rewards for the highest rank u were in the season but if u see the playerbase and lot of people stop playing for getting the rewards, it seems nessecary for matchmaking and queue time.

And give more civs! =)
As a Mongol main, PLZ devs fix the buildings not building up because vills run through it. Most annoying thing.

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The number 1 priority should be of getting a way to rejoin the game in case of a crash. It is a function that is present in almost any other online game, especially competitive ones. Really old rts give this possibility.
It is ridiculous that this option does not exist in a game with a ranked system in 2023.


I think Keeps should have more functionality than just a defensive/offensive placement. Perhaps a few unique techs could be added to each civ? I know a few civs have unique techs for their Keeps but I’m talking more in the AoE2 style. AoEIvs civ design is robust enough to add a few more techs to each civ I think. I was rather underwhelmed by how limited they were, you upgrade their capabilities, and then what? I’d like to see more done with them.


Instead of the boring documental campaign that we currently have…

For me on the things I dislike the most are the building spam. To avoid the massive spam of structures like castles, towers, barracks etc I would like a mechanic like in rise of nations I which you build the same second building it will cost you more, if you go for a third one it will cost you even more and so on this will prevent the massive building spam this game has and instead of this, Introduce a new upgrade to allow 2x or 3x production units at the same time…


Sadly the Mongols dont have any Keep.
If it gets implemented, the devs should think something about the Mongols.
So everyone wins.

Yes, maybe the AoE 3 system would be applied well… limit the big buildings like castles, that you can only build 7 at the same time… but that you can create 3 to 5 units at the same time…

Yes, maybe improvements in the early game…


Not so sure about limiting the amounts of buildings being able to be built.
I’d most likely not like this honestly.
Strongly supporting the batch training (tech) though!!!
They could make it at least 3 units per batch, while slightly increasing the train time per batch.

It’s incredibly frustrating having to spam 1 million military buildings all over the map and the training being painfully slow.

aoe3 did this a LOT better by inventing batch training.
They could also make it a passive.
Age1 you can only train single units, age2 you can train batches of 2, age3 batches of 3, age4 batches of 4 units.
This would further push back the booming meta and encourage age-ups instead of tcs.

I strongly support such a change! :slight_smile:


I think many things are needed to this game to improve it

  • reconnect for crashes

  • be able to go forward/back in replays

  • serious rework of water, i think it’s just ugly, i don’t know how many people actually enjoy water/hybrid maps, i always skipped them.

  • some civs’ design is bad, delhi is ugly, too linear, bad late game and no real incentive in making elephants unless you have a massive economy,

mongols without using horse archers are nonsense, but mangudais are just unplayable atm. Btw they just dont feel like a cavalry focused civ, and you almost always open with a tower rush with spear footies

Ottomans are really bad, no horse archers, no hand cannoneers (janissaries are an anticav gunner that loses badly to cannoneers), grand galleys are almost never used cause you just dont play ottomans on water maps

English, french and chinese are the most well designed in my opinion

  • single player is really bad, campaigns are boring, and have old designed units, speedy siege and mangonels which are basically nukes

hard to believe it took 2 years to find someone that understands the problem with spamming buildings, to add to this, its also amplified by villagers gathering faster than any other aoe, about 80 to 90 vills in aoe4 gather just as much as 120-130 aoe2 or generic aoe3 vills (aoe3 has vill/settler variants with higher gather rate, but always capped to small amount), and when you consider many aoe4 players, even in top end, push like 4 to 5 town centers from start of age 2 (ik aoe 4 calls it feudal, but its not named ingame, i’ll just use ingame names), till there’s like 150 or more, its obvious you’ll need 60 military buildings just to spend resources, except even with that many buildings, thanks particularly to really slow training times, it takes forever for units to come on the field, there’s no conscription or anything similar to reduce training times, and you’ll still flood resources

also strongly agreeing to the aging up making batches bigger, excellent suggestion right there