What should Microsoft do with Age of Mythology?

So after finishing their work with all AoE DE versions and launching Age of Empires IV, how should Microsoft approach to Age of Mythology? What would you like them to do?

  • Age of Mythology: Definitive Edition
  • Age of Mythology II (reboot)
  • Age of Mythology II (with other cultures)
  • Both DE and a Sequel reboot
  • Other

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Fix the remaining issues with EE and just move on to a proper sequel. There are other mythologies that would be interesting to see.

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So you would make a sequel with all new cultures? No Greeks anymore for example?

I think keeping the originals but making on them a revision would be great, aswell as adding new cultures such as Japanese and AZTECS!! (Just imagine the posibilities with this last one)

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I suppose old civs could be there as well, but not as the only civs in the game.

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I don’t have the same draw to the other AoE franchise games as AoE1 and AoE2, and so don’t really need a DE for anything else since those two already came out. I’d rather a new AoM-like game come out, like an AoM2, and leave AoM1 the memory that it is. Just my personal preference. I loved AoM when it came out and played it a lot, but just don’t have a ton of desire to go back and play it.

Some of AoM’s mechanics didn’t do much for me, so I’d prefer if AoM2 wasn’t an exact copy of AoM1’s mechanics.

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