What the actual hell did you guys do to Scenarios?!

Do we have a estimated wait time for this to be resolved? How long have you guys worked on this? Can we expect it with the next update?

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Its been more than 2 weeks since this bug surfaced. And not even a mention of an ETA.
At this point, ranting is not gonna cut it, so I’m begging you guys to get a move on this.

It is not some minor bug that can be ignored and slid under the rug, but rather a game breaking bug that has severely impacted the custom scenario landscape. I never see a custom scenario game being hosted anymore and understandably so.


It didn’t work at all in the original game. Homecity editor was bricked and you had to edit the xml file yourself.

In the original game you can reset home cities. This action make reappear the cards. But this option no longer exists in the Definitive Edition.

Anyway, in multiplayer we can’t select a custom homecity in a custom scenario. I prefer disable homecities with a trigger and create scenarios without homecity …

I hope that will change with a future update !


This is quite upsetting but there is nothing we can do about it but wait for them to take action.

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In the original game, you couldn’t select a custom ai, or a custom homecity for scenario data because the lobby picker put priority on what the player selects and the homecity he has for that scenario. So you’d need to tell your players what deck they should make if you wanted the scenario to be played specifically one way.

The change here makes me happy that if i want to make a scenario with the campaign exclusive civs and their homecities, i can do that without anyone needing to download a mod for it or similar. Therefore I can make coop scenarios without a problem, however this does impact scenarios where your lobby picker selection gives you the versatility to play the civ you want to play like colosseum.

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Agreed. Let’s push this as a report cuz i’m still waiting them to fix it’s been a month since the release…


its mostly frustrating because we cant pick our own civs in games where the “scenario” is really just a custom map which is what the custom scenarios are used for the majority of the time

Day 25 of this post…

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After visiting the home city, i saw a horrible texture and elevation bug in my custom world map.

It’s a large map, size 1000x1000.

I suppose that reloading lots of textures and elevation data has a problem after displaying the homecity.

NB: I reached the maximum number of textures that the scenario editor can support in this map (new textures that I pose are white).

Normal view:

Bug view:


I don’t know what to do going forward.

  • Half a month since this is “currently being tracked”
  • 27 days since this post
  • Over 1 month since the update

I am completely disappointed…


If only they actually cared about the scenario making scene :slightly_frowning_face:


It’s been over 1 month

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not true dont spread false info please this is not the 2020 election


I love this. It made me laugh for a while. Thanks for the good humor.

In a serious note. What the hell is going on with this devastating bug that is affecting a big part of the game?!


customs is totally broken in lobbies cant change civ, team, color, cant kick, cant ffa, various map terrain bugs, not to mention their new mods filtering system that says u cant see any lobbies who dont have the same mods as u enabled even if you have them all uninstalled not to mention even if the “mods” are just custom maps


Never once did I imagine that such a game critical bug would be out for over a month and not even an ETA on its resolution would be announced after all that time. Updates keep coming one after the other but none of them address this issue.
Since I mainly play custom maps online, it has been a month since I last played this game. But that will of course change if they finally decide to work on this.



Seems like FE slowed down the emergency hotfixes, wich is a good thing.

Hoping the next patch will finally address the modding/lobby issues and give a statement about how they plan to approach the Legacy bugs that are still present in the Editor. Also, imo the black textures limit shouldn’t be ignored (no response or tracking after 25 days?) since it’s breaking a lot of community content.

So if these issues aren’t mentioned or fixed in the next (big?) patch, it will be a clear statement that scenarios and custom maps will not be supported, and feedback is useless.

Anyway, i honestly believe devs deserve some time (months?) to achieve game stability and make sure everything is OK before moving into Editor and Modding layers, but being silent about the current issues will not make anything better.

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In 6 business days this post will be 2 months old. 2020-10-22T05:00:00Z2020-12-22T06:00:00Z

Can you expect something from a beta-like product release? We literally just got the avatar feature a couple of days ago.

Beyond disappointing


:arrow_forward: GAME INFORMATION

  • OS: Windows 10

:arrow_forward: ISSUE EXPERIENCED

I try to play a scenario yesterday ( i wasn’t the host ) and we couldn’t play it in FFA event after rehost
we also add so probleme with the starting age first time we hosted it the host was on postimp age, but for all the player it was age 1 ( in the lobby ), after rehost this probleme was solve.
one of the player couldn’t play because he was unable to press start, he have even try to restart his game but nothink to do.
And for end every one in the lobby was unable to chose is civ and i really don’t think i was the purpose of the scenario because he was absolutly not customise for this

:arrow_forward: FREQUENCY OF ISSUE


  • 50% of the time / matches I play (FREQUENTLY)

:arrow_forward: REPRODUCTION STEPS

:question: List the DETAILED STEPS we can take to reproduce the issue… Be descriptive!

Here’s the steps to reproduce the issue:

  1. host a scenario

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