What things from Wars of Liberty should be in DE?

The mod Wars of Liberty for Age of Empires 3 is really impressive. What things from that mod do you think should be in the new Definitive Edition of Age 3?


Nothing. It’s a mod.


Never liked Wars of Liberty.

Unbalanced sounds, unbalanced gameplay, overcluttered mod.

I want quality, not quantity.

So nothing.


Es sollten alle Kolonien oder Civilization von Wars of Liberty"s geben.
und auch eine Napoleon Kampagne geben , und auch einen Workshop geben bei Steam und hier auf der offiziellen Seite von Forums von AGE


I really like a few of their mechanics. The churches and the immigrant colonies for latin american civs are both really cool. I also liked the different livestock options.

It must be its own tab “Wars of Liberty” besides the Art of War and Historical Battles. A sort of new game mode within the game.


Most of the civs. WOL is the way to play AOE3 for me.


Maybe only maps, I would like to play on Iceland and Africa

To elaborate my “nothing it’s a mod” , I think people should remember it’s a game that was released 15 years ago. There are a lot of people that played it a lot on ESO back then for years, and they probably stop playing and focused on other games. I don’t think that most people have every play war of liberty. The definitive edition is not for fan of this mod, but for people that want to experience the true essence of the game when it was released with its expansion.


The only solution if ever “Wars of Liberty” ( yes yes the mod won’t be ported to DE) will be transitioned into the DE is to be its own “official” game mode besides the Art of War and Historical Battles. The reason is that the devs will surely update the game every month.


Agreed that WOL deviates (intentionally) too far from the base game. In the other hand EP tried to retained the core mech of the base game AND they successfully got most ALL their changes carried over into DE!!

I also hope they make enemy homecity cards invisible while in games until the game is over; then it can be allow to look at each others respective card selections and copy at your leisure.

I highjack the thread I know… but endure my elaboration.

It is not fair to be able to take a civ and counter pick a homecity deck that better rivals what your opponent picked. Especially since some civs (spain aztec otto with tp) need to pick their decks relatively quickly compared to others else they’ll miss out on their fast early shipments. Likewise some strats are completely unveiled by looking at the decks. Like kyneise water boom or germ merc and many others. This information SHOULD be a secret to promote scouting, reactionary play, and surprise builds and more 50-50 choices. Last point closely related is the score. Scores also tell a story and that also isn’t stragetic friendly. At minimum add a competitive mode that hides enemy homecity and player scores. That would not break the game.


Tbh, Wars of Liberty has a lot of players and people who help.
We are a mod yes, but we still have more people playing Wars of Liberty than ESOC patch.
Just because it’s a mod, doesn’t mean Noone playes it.


Romania as playable civ. Well now i’m “forced” to play as russians and revolt and i swear that will be my 80% gameplay

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the way wars of liberty over emphasizes south american colonies and the civ choices are quite odd. it steers too far from original game concept.

Never said that’s wrong

It first started as Wars of the Triple Alliance mod which is South American history so not very surprising.

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and that’s why i don’t want it incorporated into vanilla aoe3 which is not centred around any specific war.

What’s that ? [char limit]

i think EP stands for Esoc patch in this case.


The only civ from WoL i would want is Danes, i don’t remember if they have Persians but they would be the best addition.

The mod is clearly based in 19th century and onward with nation-states such as Greece, Belgium and Serbia plus post-colonial civs in Canada and Australia, most of the civs wouldn’t fit the timeline and the ones that do are already in the game.