What things from Wars of Liberty should be in DE?

yeah i think WOL definitely goes too late, i really dont think a faction like Belgium has a place in the game, not only is it barely a nation in the time (and even today that is an argument) but also their only claim to fame in the period is their absolutely horrific involvement in Congo.


Everything, but especially the performance. I still can’t wrap my head around how I can play 8 man ffas at max settings on wol with 60 fps but I’m getting 50 fps at the start of 1v1’s on de with everything on low. Jfc

I’m sorry my friend, but this is a dumb comment. It’s also the case with RE, it’s not something specific to war of liberty…

smarter AI. I swear Ai in Wars of liberty are better than ones in DE

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The building textures in Wars of Liberty were fantastic. The brick buildings for USA and adobe ones for latin american civs are beautiful. I would pay for that brick texture if it was added to DE.

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And they are done by 1 single person.

I was wrong. The new civ design in DE is even crazier than WOL.
I personally would like that unless they do not mess up with balancing, and I hope the older civs receive some updates.

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Better idea: What things from the Napoleonic Era mod can be incorporated into AOE3FE?

Team Napoleon’s version of the Italians has a lot of merit.


Love the civs and maps in WOL it is endless fun to play. I wish DE had that variety.

Since DE has older timeline from 1500s-1850, there is a lot of potential as well.

Swedens and Italians, they seems more balanced cause torp limit.
University techs that could be added to church.

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according to Tilanus then the torps in NE were less balanced than they are now.

Maybe they need a bit fix but there torps have upgrades that boost units depending on number of torps but decrease the pop space add by each torp. Also they are Swedens barracks, limiting them to 15 if I remember well with less that 200pop until age V. Also they have 50 vills like dutch.

What options are there for cattle in that mod?

Chickens! They were really cheap, fattened quickly, but didn’t hold much food. It allowed you to get livestock going quickly.

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I am currently proposing something more elaborate with livestock. It would be very interesting if implemented.

All the civs in WoL to be ported and redesigned for DE.

I don’t think Relic’s bosses would be appreciative if they portrayed literal slavery and then had a Whip Slaves mechanic to increase gather rates.

That’s why I mentioned “redesigned”.

Hiding history ? Never

That would take like, 10 years? :thinking:

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