What things from Wars of Liberty should be in DE?

idk we got like 6 civs in 1 year, how many does WOL have? 40? actually 10 years might not be far off.

We have 43 civs currently, with another fresh load of civs comming soon.


oh? what civs are you planning to introduce if i may ask?

Central America, Bolivia and Uruguay (:

It’s not about hiding history. It’s about looking at it with a critical eye and realizing what is appropriate for a situation and what isn’t, and then also realizing that you aren’t the judge of what is and isn’t appropriate for a culture you barely understand in the first place.

Stop including edgy sh*t for the sake of being edgy and actually make something worth something. Tell a story with your civs that isn’t based around just being as edgy as you can with civ design.

We have almost 20 civs in aoe 3 DE (with the announced civ we will have 20 civs),if we have 6 civs per year,it would take us 4 years to have the same amount that WOL has today…

possibly they can be revolutions within the same revolutions or add cards concerning those countries within the already existing revolutions…

Forgotten Empires,not Relic…Relic takes care of aoe 4,not aoe 3 DE…

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Salt… And no… ^^ sry