What to expect next?

So everything that has been announced are now live. Is there anything to expect for the second year? There are still a lot of potentials.

For example, among the three new historical battles, one of them says:
“The Battle of the Three Kings – Sebastian of Portugal, a young and jealous king, has launched an invasion into Morocco under the pretense of a crusade. The Saadis, however, are not impressed and gather their army to meet the invaders. The Iberians may have superior technology, mercenaries, and the help of a local puppet sultan, but the sultan’s forces are fighting to protect their homes.”

So the DE historical battle has several Berber units, and there is going to be a new battle about Morocco, but they are still not playable. I have a feeling they were planned but cut.
If there is going to be an Islamic-themed DLC, they could come along with Mamluk Egypt and Safavid Persia, for example.

And of course SE Asia, Oceanaia and Europe still remain untouched.


Civs I’d love to see:

Danes, Italians, Persians, Polish, Omani, Navajo, Moroccans.


the danes, the austrians, the italians and the polish are what i expect from a european dlc. europe has potential with the napoleonic wars and so on. i wonder if the community would like to see something different on the european maps, a gamemode or a different start in age 1 idk. for SE asia im not too interested tbh, the persians are more cool to me than this part of the world.


Next must be for Southeast Asia, Following the path of AOE 2:

  • The Forgotten (Kinda done with Swedes, Incas and USA)
  • The African Kingdoms (Reflected with The African Royals)
  • The Rise of the Rajas (Solid them for something like “The Kings of Indochina”, with Siamese, Burmese and Vietnamese, returning to the classical 3 civs).
  • The Last Khans (Go for Persians, Uzbeks and Polish, unknown theme).
  • The Lords of the West and Dawn of the Dukes (not sure about those but you can put there a few european civs, like Danish, Swiss, Italians).

I think one of the things I feel it’s missing from the game are more major civs in South America, so an expansion that would bring Major factions like the Guarani and the Mapuche, would be a good idea in my opinion.


I kinda want Brazil, Mexico or Gran-Colombia to complete the new-world post-colonial set, but I think I’m the minority here.


I think they could make three DLC with American civs:
Latin American Empires: Brazil and Mexico
Great Liberators: Gran Colombia and Argentina
Araucania: Chile and Mapuche


I really hope we continue to get content after aoe4, as for the future, it feels that the direction we are going is more dlcs, for a cheaper price, and less civs, this is a good route in my opinion since it means the game keeps feeling fresh continuously rather than us waiting a long time for a big expansion we have smaller ones to keep flowing the content in.

What does this mean for future civs? It means we will probably be getting 1-2 civs at a time but get lots more dlc than if we got 3-4 at a time, keeping this in mind these are my ideas

Persia and Omani.

Italy and Denmark

Morracans stand-alone

Vietnamese and siamese

Brazil stand-alone

Mexico stand-alone.

These are just some ideas and obviously I don’t expect all of these to come in the near future.


I don’t know if it’s hardcoded but it would be nice if there were multiple rulers for a civilization so you play against the same civilization.

Age of Empires 3: Rise of the Water People

  • Danes
  • Siam
  • Annishinaabe

Age of Empires 3: Rise of the Other Guys

  • Italy
  • Morocco
  • Persia

All with 2 full campaigns and new maps


10/10 best dlc name ever, I guess if they put Omani instead of Italians it could be an Islamic dlc, Italians could kinda be considered water people so they could go in that dlc.


Swiss are not a faction you can put into AOE 3, they where neutral pretty much the entire period.

Southest Asian or Middle Eastern DLC first.


Good names. :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: (20 character)

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I think that after African DLC we can expect similar DLC for:

  1. Missing European empires (Poland and Italy)
  2. After that I guess we will return to Africa with the next 2 nations (not sure which ones)

I think adding another African civs after African DLC is not a good idea. Company probably would like to deliver something “fresh” so I don’t believe we will get 2 African DLC one after another. On the other hand African civs have a lot of new mechanics so more African civs will come to use it. There will be just European DLC in the middle.

It is risky to assume that we will get more DLCs than that. Lets buy this one and hope that Microsoft will have enough profits to create a new ones and support this great game in the next years.


I think South East Asia, Oceania, South America and the Middle East seem like natural future choices before revisiting Europe or Africa.


Tbh i just want italy in the game thats it. Maybe denmark too. Just remember with how civ Design works in aoe 3 balancing like 50 civs would be a nightmare (Lots of ppl are of the opinion they cant even balance 17 but lets not talk about that lmao)


you mean Denmark-Norway, Italy wasn’t even a country.


Civ’s to be added:


2Morocco/Barbary pirates





7.Rozvi Empire (Zimbabwe)

8.Songhai people’s.

9.Asante Kingdom

10.Polish-Lithuanian commonwealth. With Proper Winged Hussaria

  1. Switzerland

  2. Polynesians.


i dont even know where people get Switzerland from, they did litterally nothing the entire periode