What Unique Units could Poles and Danes realistically have?

I heard all of them have arrived?!?!?!

We already have mercs that basically are from the PLC, which leaves me thinking they might change the eastern royal houses or introduce a “regular” version of those:

Lipka Tatar
Shock rider
Winged Hussar
Cossack daredevil (after a potential cossack revolt?)

As for the danes, idk really. Maybe some type of new ship?

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While the PLC did use Haiduks as Hungarian style infantry, the outlaw is defiantly a Balkan irregular/bandit and even speaks Romanian.
Isn’t the shock rider a Serbian Racowie? He speaks Croatian and seems more Hungarian to me.
But the Tatar and the Winged Hussar and Cossack daredevil, for sure

  1. Lipka Tatar fits perfectly into Jagiellon Royal House. I think a Polish civ could have access to this unit using HC cards.
  2. Shock Rider doesn’t fit in with both Polish civ and Jagiellon Royal House. I think this should be moved to Croatian Revolution - available to Italians and Germans civs.
  3. The Winged Hussar is a unit that should definitely be a Unique Unit for Poles civ without the need for HC cards etc. Vasa Royal House should get a completely new unit - more related to the Swedish Empire - in place of the Winged Hussar.
  4. Hajduk could be available via HC cards.
  5. Cossack Daredevil may be controversial for Polish civ. I think he would definitely fit better in Ruthenian/ Ukrainian Revolution or civ.

I will quickly add units that the Polish civ can have as its UU:

  1. Cham - brand new regional settlement unit, shared between Russians and Poles civs. Are weak, but quick to train. This unit replaces the Settler. This unit works more efficiently when surrounded by Oprichnik (in Russians civ) or Szlachcic (in Poles civ). The male Cham variant could be without outerwear in Age 1 - a reference to AoE 2.
  2. Woodsman - brand new regional infantry unit, shared between Russians and Poles civs. Weak infantry armed with an beredysz. Instead of Pikeman. This unit could obtain Wood from trees.
  3. Eastern Archer - brand new regional infantry unit, shared between Russians and Poles civs. Weak archer. It is trained in groups (5 Units simultaneously). Instead of Crossbowman. With the Home City card he could turn into Hajduk.
  4. Rekrut (Royal Guard: Piechota Koronna) - shared by Poles and Russians civs
  5. Cavalry Archer (Royal Guard: Lisowczyk)
  6. Petihorci - medium-cavalryman with flintlock pistol. Use Horseman’s pick in hand-to-hand combat
  7. Kurp - unique hunting unit for Poles civ. He can only get resources from natural sources (except mines) and he can’t build buildings. At the same time, this unit would be quite good in ranged combat. Kurp can gathering coins from Beehive (Kurpian honey is famous in Poland). Beehive can be constructable only for Kurp unit.


  2. Zbrojownia is a unique military building for Poles civ. It’s a combination of Barracks and Artillery Foundry.
  3. As an elective monarchy they get completely unique politicians. Candidates may come from other civilizations and offer you their stuff.
  4. They have a new building - Folwark (economic building that combines Estate, Mill, and Livestock Pen). This building would be something between Hacienda and Granary. Fields would be added to the Folwark building in order to be able to obtain food or coins. Contrary to Hacienda, Folwark did not automatically spawn settlers or cows, but it could be used to train Cows and Cham’s in groups and also could be used to train Szlachcic. Units can be garrisoned in this building. This shoe would have no build limit, but building another one would be increasingly expensive. The main source of income for the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth was the sale of grain to the west. I think farming grain in Folwark would generate coins. Poles mainly ate legumes and little meat, so legumes could generate food. In addition, Cows could be garrisoned inside the Folwark to generate a passive food source - Milk.
  5. Szlachcic is a hero unit instead of the Explorer (cavalry unit, can train a Winged Hussars. 3 limit.). In his surroundings, Cham’s become even more efficient. There would be a Home City card that would send a powerfully upgraded Szlachcic - Hetman (which gives him a powerful mace instead of a saber and increases HP).
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Good option for infantry is ,Piechota Wybraniecka" in Eng language ,Chosen Infantry".

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Danish Muskeeter 1670s

Danish Infantry Officer 1670s

Some about Danish army You can find also here


Another unique unit for Poland.

As I mentioned above, the Lisowczyk may simply be the Royal Guard version of the Cavalry Archer. There are more interesting units that could be UU e.g. Kurp or Petihorci.

It’s also possible we will see the leaked Revolution content reused.

Danes had a “Royal Grenadier” with promotions and an Espingol, possibly a Gatling gun variant from factories similarly to legacy Gatling guns in the Warchiefs.

The poles had a Hetman unit (Possibly a hero), a Polish Lancer with a skin and Scythemen.

Here is the model of the Polish Lancer, the only one that existed.

One can see it is a recolor of the Éclaireurs/Red Lancer units.

Depending on what they base Poland off of Scythemen would be more revolutionary. I imagine that would also be in the civ, as for the last century of the time period Poland was partitioned. I wish that Poland could be a Civ as the PLC and a 19th century Poland could be a revolution for Russia and maybe the Germans. Then the Scythemen and Krakus cavalry would fit right in.

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I swear, he looks like he has dreadlocks.

How different are Danish musketeer from other North-Western Europeans though? Do they deserve a musketeer unique unit? I defiantly think Poland should get one based off of their Haiduk/Drab infantry that slowly westernised overtime, but those Danish musketeers look like their neighbors.

Best I can think is that Danes get a Livgarde grenadier based on their revolutionary royal Greandier leak, factory Espingols, a Cannon Jawl/ Cannon Sloop or a Ryterre royal guard based on their heavy cavalry guard units and Oldenburg units via cards.


It’d be more interesting to speculate what kind of quirk the Danes and Poles have.

Poland will likely have good cav, weaker infantry and I wouldn’t be surprised. If Age IV was kind of like Mexico with a sort of revolution system to represent the fact that they didn’t have a state from 1795 until the end of the game, that’d be interesting. They may also likely have access to vasa and jagellion units/some techs, as both those houses ruled at some point and some are direct references to Poland

Danes, i could see being naval focused, but I don’t know what else ensemble has in store for them. Maybe a unique Norway revolt shared with Sweden to replace the U.S?

I dont think the main gimmick of danes will be related to water, since naval gameplay is very rare. I guess they will use some form of golden age mechanic from the wars of liberty mod.

Or maybe something with the Sound Dues - Wikipedia …some sort of trickle that starts very strong but gets weaker over time

Or a unique market with better exchangerates?

For poles i could see something like: every age up you get a bunch of winged hussars

or you have a timer of 30 minutes until a big mass of hussars arrive and you can decrease the timer further by ageing up, sending cards etc

or something to represent the polish uprisings…
everytime one of your buildings is destroyed x ammount of scythemen/militia/minutemen spawn

Maybe even copy a mechanic from empire earth:
You can select villagers and pay a small ammount of resources (like 25 food each) and transform them instantly to revolutionairies/scythemen/“partisans”… after that you can pay another 25 food to make them villagers again

Idk, overall i think poland will have a dynamic playstyle with sudden powerspikes and denmark will have a more
constant and gradual bonus. Like the difference between a unitshipment and a resource trickle

I think that the Russians civ should lose access to the Hungarian and Romanian revolutions and in their place they would get the following unique for Russians civ revolution options:

  1. Duchy of Warsaw (revolutionary Poland)
  2. Ruthenia/Ukraine
  3. Lithuania
  4. Caucasian Imamate (union of the North Caucasians)
  5. +current Finland

The Polish civ could be slightly archaic, which would be historically correct because all the key reforms of the state took place only during the reign of the last king. Due to the fact that Kosynier’zy became famous during the Kościuszko Uprising, which took place when the Polish state existed, I think that the Polish civ could have the opportunity to upgrade Cham’s (Eastern European settlers) to Kosynier (scytheman).

The Poles had the greatest strangeness in all of Europe - democracy, because of which they fell X D

And from a game perspective, I think they can have unique Politicians during Age Up - electoral candidates. It should be remembered that even Gustavus Adolphus and Ivan the Terrible were candidates for elective kings in Poland. Foreign candidates could offer “foreign” luxury things (like modern units, buildings and technologies) that would fill the gaps and weaknesses of the backward Polish civ. However, Polish candidates could offer improvements to the Polish cavalry, Church, Szlachcic and Folwark’s and related things.

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Late cavalry unit for Poland.

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Danes could also have a cheap, fast gunboat unit similar to the African cannon boat.


It really bothers me everyone is having “average navy” now.

It makes it difficult to give future civs like Danes any real naval bonus.


Even the Italians should’ve been a naval civ given the overt Venetian influences. The Schiavoni is just an alternative name for the Oltremarini, basically just naval infantry.