What were your favorite sound effects?

We all had that one building or unit that we kept clicking to hear that glorious sound. Whether it was the simple chime of the Town Center, or the magnificent drone of a Wonder, there was something that always sounded good.

For me, it was the sound that a catapult made when it threw it’s stones, something about it just screamed “calm before the storm”, since it was always followed by a loud crash. So I ask, what sound effects from AoE1 do you like the most?

“I’m just gonna move these guys up so the catapults can star-” “WOLOLOOOOO” “…crap”

The priest and the dock

Wololoooooooo. and all the villager sounds. Just loved them.

I still have Wololoooo as my message Sound on my Smartphone and smile everytime i hear it. So it is the priest sound for me .

Its been ages since i played this game… i cannot remember which SFX was in which game hahah But i do remember clicking on woods with a villager 1000x times to spam that audio

I think the audio of the original game don’t need much adjustments, specially the soundtracks.
Did you know that the original cd of AgeOfEmpires for macintosh (yes i had a macintosh and age of empire, no question needed) could run on cd audio players and you can listen to the osts?


Dunno if it’s my favorite, but at least my most remembered is the sound of the infantry. Could remember waking up to this sound as my brother was already playing the game early in the morning, and i bet he did too.

Of course the sound of the Priests, but also the whistle of the tower

The wololo and the fishing ship. I used to try to “compose” tunes by clicking on the buildings, it was fun


These are my favorite sounds:

The “HRRGH” death sound is a classic.

The Shi-ha when villagers spawned was my fave. That or the Illanay! when you selected an ship


wololo and the building sounds

wololo was my best one too , but what about during lan games the guy talking about your ISP ?

@Ishiju said:
wololo was my best one too , but what about during lan games the guy talking about your ISP ?
That one was in AOE 2

Gotta admit I love Villager death sounds.

I’ll never forget reading an interview with Chris Rippy, and he talked about how he was surprised that his neighbors didn’t call the cops while he was trying to record all these screaming death calls :smiley:

That one ear-piercing sword attack sound. You probably know which one, and the one that sounded like someone shaking a can. The whistling of the towers, wololo, the wonder sound…gosh, memories.