What would you like to be the next new civ? (Poll)

Because they fought against the Spanish for 280 years in a conflict known as the Arauco War…the Mapuches appropriated the Spanish horses,learned to use them and had their own cavalry like the Lakotas…Defeated the Spaniards at the beginning of the nineteenth century during the Latin American Wars of Independence,the new nations of Chile and Argentina continued their fight against the Mapuche until they ended up defeating them in 1872…


Sorry guys, don’t hate me or report me for spam, but if I want to get more people as possible to answer the poll I need that this topic stay visible and high on the forum.

Remember to link the poll to every inherent topic and even off forum, so to get more votes as we can.

Because Italians are at the first position…

Ehm no…

It’s because more people see it more people came here and vote…

I posted the same exact message yesterday even if the Italians weren’t at the 1st post at that time.

Ideally, the topic should be pinned by a moderator, but I doubt that they pin a standard topic like this one.

Also, a lot of people voted 2 times, so since those doesn’t count, the ranking may change. After a week (a reasonable time to get as much votes as possible) I’ll close the poll and re-calculate the results manually.

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Sorry guys, don’t hate me or report me for spam, but if I want to get more people as possible to answer the poll I need that this topic stay visible and high on the forum.

I saw a drop in the number of people that voted yesterday, so I’ll probably leave the poll open just for today and tomorrow, and then I’ll publish the results.

I still might make another poll, that I’ll simply leave unchecked and always open, with all the options that I had to put outside the main one, so you guys might have to re-vote again.

i think as it is the vote is pretty interesting, you even got some developers to vote which is pretty cool i think.

i think if you make a new vote then a top 3 picks might be interesting since it probably would significantly change the vote in for some factions, as an example i doubt that there are the many more people who want brazil than those who have already voted on them, and similarly i know there are quiet a few of the Italian voters who probably would vote the other Europeans or something like Persia and viceversa with the other European factions.

not that it is my vote or anything, and i understand the logic behind not voting like that if one assumes this will be faction nr 20.

I think the best kind of Poll would be one that you rank each civ from 1 to 5 to show how much you want it in the game. This way we can see the general appreciation for each civ and you could easily add new ones later (in a separate poll), without losing the old results.

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Morocco. This way we’d have at least 3 African civs to choose from.

Zulu and Congolese would be cool too.

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The problem of those polls, is that they are long, especially with so many opinions. This means that some people won’t go all the way and answer all questions.

Also, without the option to randomize the order of the questions, most likely only the first questions will give back accurate data.

Yeah? Great, I didn’t even saw it.

What do you mean?

This is a good idea, it will be hard to get the attention of the people, especially who already vote. Most people will think “I already voted” others “it’s the same poll as before”.

Maybe I’ll do another topic, probably the best idea…

Still, right now you get only partial data ( I myself just voted for a random option I liked, as I had multiple favorite) and it favor the top choices.
If you want to do a new poll, might as well do a fully complete one. This one only confirmed what we already know (Italians are the most requested, followed by Persians and Koreans. Morocco is probably there only because it was hyped so much before AF release and people were disappointed). If you open a new one that is similar, you’ll just confirm that again. What’s the point?

AOE3 players just love theirs civs, so I think you underestimate how much fun and patience they would have at answering XD

BTW, I’d also add a poll for Minor civs. asking if people think they should be made in full civs. instead.

My intention was to gather the top choices. So I have the data that I aimed for.

I meant to open one with even the option that I was forced to add in the second poll, and just leave it there open. This one I’ll close it tomorrow or the day after.

Yeah it’s doable, but it would require another topic.

Yes and no… many people even on argument that care for usually don’t put too much effort on answering poll, just see how many have read the rules for this poll, or have given more than one answer.

It’s a natural effect unfortunately, I know it because I studied st my university (tests and polls are a core element of my job) so I know how people usually behave, and how trying to avoid that.

Also, unfortunately the instrument of the forum isn’t much flexible. I should do a poll using Google, and put here a link. I tried it once, and it wasn’t much successful…

The most requested civs are Italians, Persians and Moroccans…just as I figured.

Devs please take note :slight_smile:


Koreans and Poles as well :slight_smile:


Siamese would also have been higher if the poll wasn’t broken.

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lol, no it would be much lower.

I want Danes too. :slight_smile:

Yes please I would love to see Koreans, Siamese and Persians.


theres a mod for poles thats really fun

Can you link the mod? Thanks!